Milk spilled on the subway car passengers touched 3 times moved users (Figure) (video)-headache怎么读�

Milk spilled on the subway car passengers touched 3 times moved users (Figure) milk spilled on the subway, you will do? Some people choose to turn a blind eye, and even quarrel with others, some people will be wiped clean. The day before yesterday afternoon, said on the subway to see someone will sprinkle on the subway in the milk with a paper towel wipe 3 times, so he impressed. As of yesterday afternoon, this micro-blog was more than 10 thousand users to read. The netizen said, the day before yesterday at 4 p.m., in the subway line in the car, a pair of husband and wife with a baby on the subway, they look like the baby’s grandmother, the grandmother of the age of more than and 50 in the subway line 2. At that time, the subway station in the vicinity of the tiger springs, the baby’s grandfather holding him in his seat, grandmother stood next to the bottle out of the bottle, open the bottle cap. When preparing to hand over the bottle to the baby, the milk in the bottle is accidentally spilled. Grandma handed the bottle to her grandson, bent over, took out a paper towel repeatedly spilled milk on the ground 3 times, until the ground was completely clean. The friends said that he had seen too many drinks spilled in public places, and even ignore the people around a dispute and reported that he was the grandmother squatted on the ground wiping milk things touched, like the positive energy of the things that make him feel warm and took out a mobile phone camera with micro-blog. In this regard, there are a lot of friends point praise and commented that only we pay attention to the behavior in public places, the public environment will become better. (trainee reporter Fu Hao) pay attention to do not drink milk相关的主题文章: