Mainland students plummeted 50 schools did not move over a record in recent years-holle树先生�����

Mainland students dropped 50 of schools did not fill the record record in recent years, according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that the Taiwan authorities came to the new year, to the terrestrial station greatly reduced, University Bachelor terrestrial JUPAS report the number of 16% or more than last year. Land Association will recruit integrated business group leader Chen Shunzhi said that the land may be more understanding of the Taiwan school, fresh lower. This year, the birth of the United States began to apply for registration in May 9th, the end of June 20th, Chen Shunzhi pointed out that the period before and after a lot of trouble, may affect land registration. Like in April occurred in Taiwan fraud group in mainland China, the money back to Taiwan is very low, resulting in the mainland netizens spread said before Taiwan is the most valuable people, and now that the most valuable thing is fraud in Taiwan". Last year the first stage bachelor terrestrial distribution of 2119 people, the official admitted 2024 people; this year pre report 2075, only 1693 people, is the largest gap over time, 50 schools did not move over also hit a record in recent years. Chen Shunzhi pointed out that this year, the volunteers are more inclined to fill the land than ordinary universities and universities of science and technology, may be due to the growing awareness of the Taiwan school rankings, just want to go to a reputable school. Chen Shunzhi observed that many terrestrial is to Taiwan can not read, the first volunteer also never mind; this is not the ideal school, will give up, some people even give up Zhengqu qualification.相关的主题文章: