With his tour staged drama adapted from the Fuchun Mountain Poetry has a hidden story line in Beijin-乃々果花

The drama " with his tour of Fuchun mountain " staged: adapted from poetry has a hidden story line – Beijing drama "with his" Fuchun mountain tour poster. The organizers for Beijing November 24 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Song Yusheng) the evening of 23, directed by Chen Sian’s drama "with his tour of Fuchun mountains" staged in Beijing. The play of the same name poem adaptation. Director Chen Sian said in an interview with reporters, in their poetry text based drama, partly because they want to try poetry can produce like vitality on the stage, on the other hand, also want to let young people feel poetry. The drama "with his tour of Fuchun mountains". The figure for the original, screenwriter, director of drama is the poet "with his tour of Fuchun mountains" according to the contemporary poet Zhai Yongming poem "with the same name Huang Fuchun mountains" adapted tour. Director Chen Sian told reporters, long poem describes the poet first Ferris in "graph" feeling. "The poet used 30 Festival poems form in this poem sequence, frequently travel in real life, his personal experience and the life state." The text of all selected from this poem. At the same time, this drama writer Zhou Zan is a poet. According to the sequence of the original poem "he also wrote the text." Chen Sian said. As a director, Chen Sian, Zhou Zan adapted according to the text and then adapted into a drama of this. The drama "with his tour of Fuchun mountains". The organizers for the poem based on the adaptation of the stage drama: in order to allow young people to feel poetry why would think of poetry based on the adaptation of the stage? Chen Sian told reporters, on the one hand is due to their own want to try on the stage, especially on the stage of the theater space, the use of poetry text will produce what kind of vitality". "The text of the poem will bring a lot of fresh stimulation to the stage, I was in this idea began to create." In addition she also felt that now around young people from reading poetry "a little distance", "(Poetry) seems not everyday things, so we think it can not have more diverse ways, so that we can contact to poetry, especially for young readers and drama lovers can feel poetry". "Poetry can be very open, very young, can be present, not just a lyrical way." The drama "with his tour of Fuchun mountains". The organizers for map creation logic and traditional drama "big difference" as the poetry text based drama, "with his tour of Fuchun mountains" in the creation of natural and traditional drama is different. Speaking of this, Chen Sian admitted that the creation of logic and traditional drama is very different". She said: "this is because we play hide the story line, the whole story is not like the traditional drama is advancing through the story, promote (story) open greatly depends on the creative understanding and imagination in poetry of the text, as if each of us in reading poems have different feelings, when it fall into the specific performance when in fact, imagination is compressed, because)相关的主题文章: