West heat apologizes to fans Marbury is too fast, I didn’t mean to.-巴雷特m82a1

Apologize to the fans of Western: Marbury too fast I’m not interested in xirelijiang micro-blog sina sports news Beijing on February 21st news, Xinjiang and Beijing in the first round of the CBA playoffs fourth games in third games starting tonight, the Beijing team on the road against Xinjiang, the total score change under the 1-2. In the third game, xirelijiang had a leg over Marbury’s action, after the game he on micro-blog to accuse his fans an apology. In the third game, xirelijiang had a leg over Marbury’s actions in the defense, then the referee whistled for a foul. After the game fans in xirelijiang micro-blog message "you will stretch my legs, from the force of the river", for this message, xirelijiang reply "feel shy not intentionally fake Marbury too fast I have no additional action" on a game xirelijiang played 32 minutes to get 9 points, 1 assists and 2 steals, after the game he said micro-blog: did not show their best, nothing to say, a wait and see. The two sides will be in the team home court 4 contest Wukesong Stadium tonight. (large leaf)

西热向球迷道歉:马布里太快 我不是有意的 西热力江微博截图   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月21日消息,CBA季后赛首轮新疆与北京第4场比赛今晚开打,在第3场北京队在客场战胜了新疆,将总比分改下为1-2。在第3场比赛中,西热力江曾有一个伸腿绊到马布里的动作,赛后他在微博上向指责他的球迷进行了道歉。   在第三场比赛中,西热力江在防守时曾有一个伸腿绊到马布里的动作,随即被裁判吹罚了犯规。赛后有球迷在西热力江的微博下留言“你也就会伸伸脚,海贼力江”,对于这条留言,西热力江给予了回复“不好意思 不是有意的 马布里假动作太快 我没有附加动作”   上一场比赛西热力江出场32分钟得到9分1助攻2抢断,赛后他在微博上表示:没有呈现最好的自己,没话可说,下一场拭目以待。   双方第四场较量今晚将在北京队主场五棵松体育馆进行。   (大叶)相关的主题文章: