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Two sperm whales in Jiangsu Rudong yangkougang beachings death – Beijing, Beijing, February 15 Nanjing Xinhua (reporter Cui Jiaming) in February 14th, a 16 meter long beach port whale stranded death in ocean port at the same time, another whale wandering reluctant to leave, in the deepwater channel region this afternoon, do not want to leave this article from whale in front of a 10 km was found beached and died. Relevant departments are currently fishing. 15, director of the Jiangsu Marine Fisheries Research Tang Jianhua confirmed on whale No. 14 in the morning is fragrant whale stranded death?. After measuring the whale is about 16 meters, diameter of about 10 meters, weighs about 25 tons, between the ages of 10 – 20, the equivalent of the adolescent stage. Tang Jianhua said, this is the first time in Nantong area found that the sperm whale, the male and female sperm whales is also difficult to determine the solution is to study the implementation of. According to the three Changsha Town Village local fishermen Yin Qiufeng introduced the whale stranded in the town of Changsha Sanmin Village a seaweed farming beach. No. 14 at 8 in the morning, he and sun talk was on the beaches of farming operations, seems to have found a ship far. "That is the boat capsized, a big fish, didn’t start taking a closer look at the thought, still alive, was later found dead." Yin Qiufeng said. For 15 days, the sperm whale stranded death in Jiangsu province marine fisheries research experts to the scene. Photo by Chen Jianming in the afternoon at about four, a dead whale found in the east port of the Yellow Sea bridge six kilometers, and the fragrant whale stranded death yesterday? Less than 10 kilometers. Relevant departments are currently fishing. Why Yangkou Port will also appear two sperm whales? They will be how to deal with? Jiangsu Marine Fisheries Research Institute director Tang Jianhua said, "the sperm whale is the two national animal protection, the sperm whale is usually activity in the deep water area area in the world is widely distributed, and are distributed in China’s coastal areas of Nantong and Rudong basically, are the first to discover the sperm whale, sometimes with ship collision and there is a possibility of disturbance, resulting in its navigation lost." For how to dispose of, Tang Jianhua said that the solution is to study the implementation of. For 15 days, the sperm whale stranded death in Jiangsu province marine fisheries research experts to the scene. Photo by Chen Jianming whale (scientific name: Physetermacrocephalus) is the world’s largest whales. They are all the whales in the deepest and most potential for a long time, so called for the animal kingdom "diving champion", sometimes "arms" in the sperm whale has a freak, usually gray or black micro wax, just taken from the body very bad, dry amber, sweet and sour. This is the famous ambergris. Ambergris itself without much flavor, but when burning but fragrant, like musk, musk and far than, it is smoked, fragrance lingers, sperm name is the resulting. (end)

两条抹香鲸江苏如东洋口港海滩搁浅死亡-中新网   中新网南京2月15日电 (记者 崔佳明)2月14日,一条16米长的鲸鱼搁浅在洋口港海滩死亡,与此同时,另一条鲸鱼在深水航道区域徘徊久久不愿离开,今天下午,不愿离开这条鲸鱼在离前面一条10公里外被发现搁浅死亡。目前相关部门正在打捞。   15日,江苏省海洋水产研究所主任汤建华现场确认14号上午搁浅死亡的鲸鱼是?香鲸。经过测量这条鲸鱼长约16米,围径约10米,重量约25吨,年龄在10―20岁之间,相当于青少年阶段。汤建华称,这是南通地区第一次发现抹香鲸,目前这条抹香鲸的雌雄还难以确定,处置方案也正在研究落实。   据当地长沙镇三民村渔民殷秋锋介绍,这条鲸鱼搁浅在长沙镇三民村的一个紫菜养殖滩涂上。14号上午8点多,他和孙言传当时正在养殖滩涂上作业,远远发现好象有一条大船。“以为是条船翻了的,一看是条大鱼,开始也不敢走近去看,以为还是活着的,后来发现已经死了。”殷秋锋说。 图为15日,江苏省海洋水产研究专家现场勘查搁浅死亡的抹香鲸。 陈建明 摄   就在今天下午四点左右,在洋口港黄海大桥六公里处东侧又发现了一条已经死亡的抹香鲸,这与昨天搁浅死亡的?香鲸相距不到10公里。目前相关部门正在打捞。   洋口港为什么会同时出现两条抹香鲸?它们将被如何处置?江苏省海洋水产研究所主任汤建华说,“抹香鲸是国家二级保护动物,抹香鲸平时是在深水区一带活动,在世界范围内是广泛分布的,在我国沿海基本上都有分布,南通和如东地区都是第一次发现这个抹香鲸,有时候跟船碰撞了,还有一种可能是受到外界干扰,导致它自身的导航迷失了方向。”对于如何处置,汤建华称,处置方案也正在研究落实。 图为15日,江苏省海洋水产研究专家现场勘查搁浅死亡的抹香鲸。 陈建明 摄   抹香鲸(学名:Physetermacrocephalus)是世界上最大的齿鲸。它们在所有鲸类中潜得最深、最久,因此号称为动物王国中的“潜水冠军”,抹香鲸体内有时还“怀”有怪胎,一般为灰色或微黑色的蜡状物,刚从体内取出时非常难闻,干燥后呈琥珀色,带甜酸味。这就是有名的龙涎香。龙涎香本身无多大香味,但燃烧时却香气四溢,酷似麝香,又比麝香幽远,被它熏过的东西,芳香持久不散,抹香鲸名字便是由此而来。(完)相关的主题文章: