Building Reporting Solutions And Dashboards With Sharepoint-月丘うさぎ

Software .prehensive reporting solutions and dashboards provide the busy executive a quick snapshot of the right information, at the right time, in the right format, in real time. SharePoint based reporting solutions and dashboards leverage SharePoints intrinsic features like extensibility, integration capabilities, flexibility, and collaborative framework to facilitate building robust, secure and tailored solutions that virtually be.e the one stop shop for all the critical information requirement of business users. Issues with the current state of the Enterprise Business systems are in multiple technologies, with specific processes that take too much time and money to make changes Information within Business systems are not easily extended to use in the content of the user with documents, websites, or to be shared with customers, business partners, suppliers and others securely Licensing models of enterprise systems make it cost prohibitive for enterprises to licenses all users who need to be casual users or consumers of information from these systems Lack key features like Workflow, Forms, Self Service, Document Management, Web Publishing, Integrated reporting and Search functionality SharePoint in the Enterprise Benefits Leveraging existing investments in SharePoint software to deliver more functionality and solutions in SharePoint Reduced training costs Integrated systems with Microsoft Office, Outlook, Active Directory, Exchange Furthermore, SharePoint will also allow creation of applications that will be put together in portable, manageable .ponents called web parts that can be targeted to customers, employees, and partners My orders, My Invoices, My Benefits, My Inventory, My Supplies among many quick to add features that pull together information from multiple places within an organization SharePoint can be the single source, collaboration platform to access the various information and services from all areas of the organization Allows for seamlessly accessing information pan enterprise in a secure, personalized and centralized fashion. Some Facts as to why SharePoint can be used as the Target Platform for Building Business Applications for the Enterprise SharePoint with its business user friendly and self service driven application model reduces the need for business to cultivate their own independent IT shops Reduces the need for custom software development by making many of the .mon forms, workflow and collaborative applications configurable based on a point and click model. Enterprise wide adoption of SharePoint could lead to reduced licensing costs of other software by being the 80% solution for various Content Mgmt, Document Mgmt, Reporting and Collaboration needs across the Enterprise The Web architecture of SharePoint lends itself to developing collaborative infrastructure nationwide, overseas, and with Business partners Native integration and collaboration features with Outlook, Active Directory and Microsoft Office making it the platform of choice upon adoption of Exchange/Outlook for Email The new feature of SharePoint allows for easy integration of the ERP systems and centralization of the Document Management, Reporting applications etc. The fastest growing product platform for Microsoft and is predicted to be adopted by 90% of the .panies in the next few years Aberdeen Group. About the Author: in the areas of Sales, Finance, Procurement, Manufacturing, Human Resources, and others across industry segments around the world. 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