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Web-Development What .es first to your mind when you hear anyone say Responsive? Quick and positive is what my mind says. And when we talk about Responsive website that simply means a website that is quick in navigation and can easily run on any platform. The trend of Responsive websites has heightened immensely and the major reason behind this is the excessive use of internet nowadays. Internet has already made our lives easier for us. It not only provides us with information but also helps in doing our daily tasks , and to add to this, with the help of sites that are designed using Responsive Website Design , one can easily sit back at home and navigate through any website on any platform, be it an iPad, a tablet, desktop or a mobile device. A website which is responsive in nature automatically changes to fit the device you are reading it on and therefore such sites are also flexible in nature. And the most important characteristic feature that it holds is that the content of the site is not obscured. It shows you the precise content that you see in a website when you open it on a desktop screen. MOBILE PHONES- Our favorite .panions Can you imagine your life without a mobile nowadays? The typical answer to this question is NO!! Apart from those who wish to show modesty. But the ultimate fact is that a Mobile phone has now be.e our greatest .panions. Not only does it provides us with the facility of calling and texting, which is a yesteryear story, but the development in technology that has now created smart phones allow you to talk, chat, play games, work, check e-mails, access internet on your mobile phones. In short, mobile phones are on a track to replace .puters. Gone are those days when you actually have to sit at home in front of a desktop and do your work. Todays reality is that internet has be.e more .pact, flexible and portable. The reason behind this is development of sites using Mobile Website design. Navigation through such sites has be.e easy and saves your time because this helps you to access nay site on your mobile phone. This approach is remarkable and is intensely user friendly because you can do your important work on your phone itself. You dont really have to look for a desktop to .mence your work. No matter in which situation you are or at what place you are, you can start your work anywhere and everywhere. You can navigate through any site because a Mobile Responsive Website shows the adequate and precise information that you see when you actually sit on a desktop and see. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: