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Legal There is a great focus across the country on the birth control, Yaz, produced by Bayer pharmaceutical corporation, and its alleged effect on the health of the women who take this oral contraceptive. This product was originally approved in 2006 for use by women who suffer from Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) as well as for use as an oral contraceptive. Then, in 2007, this prescription drug was allowed to also be advertised to control acne in conjunction with its contraceptive properties. Bayer recorded $616 million in sales of Yaz in 2007 and was one of the best selling prescription drugs in the United States. However, today many are questioning the other side effects that allegedly are also caused by Yaz. Many women who have taken this drug have alleged that they have suffered from serious health risks because of an ingredient in the drug called drospirenone. According to the FDA, it is alleged that this ingredient can lead to hyperkalemia, which is a medical condition caused when potassium levels in the blood are elevated. This condition allegedly can result in serious heart, kidney, and liver problems. Furthermore, many women who have begun to file suit against Bayer have claimed Yaz can cause blood clots, allergic reactions, rash, hives, breathing problems, fainting, irregular heartbeat and chest pain, as well as liver and heart failure. Las Vegas-based law firm, Glen Lerner & Associates have started working with many alleged victims of Yaz birth control. Established in 1991, the law firm is well versed in drug litigation and aims to help those victims who claim to have suffered at the hands of faulty advertising and dangerous prescription drugs. Class action lawsuits and individual claims against Bayer for its production and advertising of Yaz are gaining speed across the country and it is alleged that Bayer overstated the benefits of Yaz, while understated or failed to inform users of the potentially dangerous side effects of using the drug in its initial ad campaign. In 2009, a new ad campaign started to run to advertize Yaz, this time highlighting the allegedly negative side effects of taking the drug. However, the law firm of Glen Lerner & Associates knows that there are many alleged victims of Yaz who are suffering, regardless if a new ad campaign was released by Bayer. The firm has experienced lawyers who understand what it takes to go up against large corporate pharmaceutical giants and encourages anyone who believes they have suffered because of their use of the Yaz Birth Control pill to contact the firm immediately. The details of any medical malpractice case can be extensive and it takes a professional attorney to truly understand and determine how to handle this sensitive litigation. Furthermore, it can be difficult to determine liability and fault, as well as potential compensation for injuries or damages, and it is important for a victim to speak with a member of Glen Lerner & Associates directly to discuss a potential case. Glen Lerner & Associates is located at: 4795 S. Durango Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89147. You can reach the professional staff at Glen Lerner & Associates by calling: 702-877-1500. Glen Lerner & Associates is online at About the Author: Las Vegas-based Glen Lerner & Associates has been working to help medical malpractice victims since 1991. The firm specializes in a variety of personal injury and product liability cases, including: car, motorcycle and truck accidents, bankruptcy, wrongful death lawsuits, slip and fall injuries, product and premises liability, medical liability and injury, as well as nursing home injury and fatality. The law firm is experienced in litigation that works to assist those individuals who have foun Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Legal 相关的主题文章: