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UnCategorized Jeremy Dack is Iberian Adventures Co-Founder. Venezuelan-born and British-bred, Jeremy has lived around the world, including the UK, Portugal, Spain, Singapore, the Philippines, Japan and the USA, and traveled widely in Southeast Asia. An avid hiker, climber and mountain biker, Jeremy Dack has worked as a teacher, translator and guide in Japan, Spain and Portugal for over 15 years, and is a co-founder of Iberian Adventures. Iberian Adventures began life in 1992 as Morespin Ecotours, established in collaboration with "Enlace 92" – a Madrid-based private foundation for the promotion of tourism, sports and international .munication. At that time, Jeremy Dack and Josefina were living in the "Japan Alps", in the province of Nagano – the 1998 Winter Olympic site – working as training instructors, teaching survival language skills and cultural adaptation techniques to prospective overseas aid volunteers for JOCV (Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers) – the Japanese equivalent of the USA’s Peace Corps and the UK’s VSO. Jeremy Dack and Josefinas first tours focussed on "green" outdoor, educational and cultural activities in the mountains of the Sierra de Gredos in Central Spain, and were run for small groups of Japanese hungry for alternatives to the mass tourism approach so popular in their country. Over the following years, their concept and product have been continually evolving, and with their move back to Spain in 1997 after over 11 years in Japan, they founded Iberian Adventures with the objective of enabling English speakers to experience Spain the way they like to. Jennifer Dack is Elite Print Services Public Relations Manager. Founded in Muncie, Indiana in 1978 as a regional business forms re-seller (with only three employees), today Elite Print Services, Inc. (EPS) is among the largest corporate print distributors in the United States. Aided by a loyal customer base and a results-driven business philosophy, Elite has undergone a continuous evolution to be.e an integrated print solutions provider serving a diverse, national client base (with the help of a workforce of over 50 employees). Utilizing three separate business divisions united by a .mon purpose and mind boggling hard work demonstrated by Jennifer Dack and team, Elite possesses the capabilities necessary to respond to a wide variety of business document and information processing needs. Jennifer Dack is strongly of the opinion that, Encourage people to suggest possible solutions to each problem that they are putting up David Dack is Aero Tec Laboratories VP Sales. Aero Tech Laboratories doesn’t want your bladder to burst. The .pany makes high-tech fuel bladders and tanks that are designed to stop leaks and keep fuel in the tanks of airplanes, helicopters, and cars. Originally designed for aerospace use, the bladders have migrated to the racetrack and are being tested for use in passenger cars. Aero Tech also makes fuel cell bladders, tanker truck bladders, containment berms, and self-sealing ballistic fuel tanks. David Dack is of the opinion that, Your dealership will be like a rice bowl or a rust bowl depending upon your attitude of today About the Author: 相关的主题文章: