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UnCategorized When you smoke an analog cigarette, your strength options are generally some variation of regular, light and ultra light, and this is true with digital cigarettes as well. If you are new to vaping though, understanding the different strengths and how your equipment plays a part might take a bit of adjustment. Analog cigarettes, for example, are self-contained. You buy a pack, smoke each cigarette individually, and that is all you really need to think about. Your digital cigarette, though, has no nicotine until you add it separately in the form of either a pre-filled cartridge or a refillable cartridge and your choice of e-liquid. One E-Liquid Cartridge Does Not Equal One Analog Cigarette In fact, it equals many, and exactly how many varies according to your habits and usage. What is interesting here, and a new concept for smokers of analog cigarettes, is that you are not .pelled to take a specific number of drags in order to avoid waste. With a traditional cigarette you light it, take that first drag, and then either continue to take drags until all of the tobacco is burned or put it out early and waste money, and an ever-increasing amount of money per-cigarette at that. At an average price of $5 for a pack of analog cigarettes, you may waste up to a quarter every time you have to put out your smoke prematurely. While that may not seem like much, it adds up quickly. With a digital cigarette, on the other hand, if you only have time for three drags, you can take three drags and go back to what you were doing, with nothing .pelling you to keep using your e-liquid past the time when you have fulfilled your nicotine craving. It is a very convenient system, but to make the most of it, you need to understand what the different strengths of e-liquid represent. E-Liquid Strengths .pared to Analog Cigarettes There is essentially a direct relationship between the strengths of available e-liquid and the strengths sold by the major brands of analog cigarettes, except with e-liquid, you can actually start at zero. The very lowest nicotine strength available for digital cigarettes is no nicotine at all. This type of e-liquid is useful for those who want the deep inhaling sensation smoking and vaping provide without the nicotine. After that, the strengths roughly correspond to analog cigarettes. Light strength contains the lowest amount of nicotine at between four and eight mg, and equates to an ultra light cigarette. Medium strength is closer to a light cigarette, containing about 10 – 14 mg. Full strength e-liquid is the highest concentration available, containing between 16 and 24 mg, and works best for those who prefer a full-strength analog cigarette. It is important for vapers to understand that a light analog cigarette equals medium-strength e-liquid rather than light strength. Otherwise they may find themselves feeling less satisfied with the amount of nicotine and the strength of the throat hit they are receiving. Even with this .parison, though, it is not a one-to-one situation. New vapers find the most success when they sample multiple strengths to see what works for them, individually. Those who take the time to study the strength of nicotine e-liquid stand the best chance of successfully switching to digital cigarettes. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: