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UnCategorized International shipping from Africa is different than international shipping from other continents because of the number of dangerous concerns that need to be considered before attempting it and the obstacles that need to be over.e while doing it. Africa has a more diverse mix of cultures, governments and environmental conditions than any other continent on earth. It is also the home of many dangerous organisms that can create major problems in the international shipping of animals or food cargoes. From a seaport perspective, Africa is actually a very good place to ship from because it contains a number of good harbors and is convenient to Europe, Asia and the Middle East. African international shipping .panies export precious stones such as diamonds, oil and wild animals to many of the countries directly north, east and west. African nations have also be.e a favored choice for manufacturing and outsourcing because of the lower costs of labor and living expenses. International shipping from Africa to the United States is heavily regulated and most shipments are searched and quarantined for a period of time upon arrival. Due to the instability of some of the governments in Africa and the lax nature of customs at certain seaports it is necessary to closely monitor all vessels arriving in U.S. port cities that originate from there. Animal and food cargoes are given a particularly thorough examination due to past histories of infectious diseases and harmful organisms that have originated in Africa. Other concerns for international shipping .panies in Africa are environmental and geographical in nature. The majority of the continent is in a tropical zone and this creates problems with storms on the shipping routes and extremely hot temperatures for overland international shipping. The geography of Africa has a selection of obstacles to choose from which include mountains, deserts, and jungles teeming with dangerous wildlife. Roads are narrow and certain parts of the continent are undeveloped and still in their primeval state so there are some places where international shipping simply cannot go. Of course, Africa is not .pletely backwards and behind the rest of the world technologically and culturally. Many of the countries on the continent have levels of luxury and civilization that rival and even surpass most western nations. International shipping to and from the nations along the Mediterranean and parts of the Indian Ocean utilizes the most modern methods available for the storage and transport of perishable and non-perishable cargoes. Israel, Egypt, and South Africa are all world trade powers with the technological and financial backing of Europe and North America. International shipping to and from these nations occurs on a regular basis and is mutually beneficial to all involved. Each country and each continent in the world presents different circumstances and obstacles for international shipping. Africa is considered one of the more difficult to ship from because of the resistance and regulations created by other nations. The situation has improved with the advent of new technology and the development of more open world markets but it still has a long way to go. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: