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Health Public speaking, meeting the potential in-laws, a blind date, and even a job interview are all possible anxiety producing events. These, and other .mon life events will often cause any ‘normal’ person to experience some stress. When, however, the stress is so severe, so intense, so disproportionate to the reality, and the person immobilized by the fear of being in the situation, that it a real cause for concern, and will require medical counsel. Social anxiety disorder is the recurrent feeling of being scrutinized to such a painful measure that embarrassment and humiliation is sure to follow. The person with this overwhelming fear will soon begin avoiding situations where these potentially troublesome encounters may occur. The sufferer’s whole life can quickly begin to diminish in quality and simple enjoyment. This avoidance extreme of the disorder is very severe and demands medical attention. Left untreated, the person struggling with social anxiety disorder may soon not be able to eat in front of others, use any bathroom other than one, generally at their own home, may need to get their mail only after checking up and down the street to see if anyone is ‘looking’, and the list is endless. The tremendous amount of shame associated with these fears will often prevent the sufferer from receiving the very help they so desperately need. They feel isolated, desolate, and without hope. At this extreme point a loved one may need to intervene on behalf of the unfortunate anxiety ridden soul. In the workplace, even though the person with this disorder may be able to quietly, shyly, and sadly manage to get by, they will never really succeed. They will passionately avoid leading a meeting, making a presentation, or bringing an idea to a supervisor. For the socially anxious person, dating, and even friendships, be.e, rather than pleasurable, just another arena to fail miserably in. Crossing a room in front of people can itself be such a frightening thought, that the anxious person will sit quietly, hungry or thirsty, rather than approach a simple buffet line. Social anxiety exists equally in both men and women and these people are three times as likely to be.e depressed than the average non sufferer. Alcohol and drug abuse rises dramatically in the socially anxious person, because it is seen as a way to ‘handle’ difficult events. Often people with this struggle can not look another person in the eye when speaking with them, and may be.e social recluses, thereby isolating themselves from experiencing the pain. This however increases the likelihood that the condition will be.e even more severe and chronic in nature. Individuals who suffer with severe social anxiety or phobic disorder are far more likely to experience divorce than those without the struggle, and the onset of obsessive .pulsive disorder is very often associated with having the panic disorder first. Happily, the treatments that are effective for social anxiety disorder have success with OCD also. As always, medical advice and treatment is necessary, and a support system of friends and family who will not judge the affected person will prove invaluable towards recovery. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: