Till Terror Continues, Afspa Must Not Be Removed From J&k-捷安特xtc750

Politics Omar Abdullah can does not deserve flak for his recent .ments to withdraw Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) from parts of J&K. Even Home Minister Chidambaram, who had backed Omars idea does not need condemnation, for cooking up and serving a half- -baked dish! All told, AFSPA is an abnormal act meant for abnormal situations. If Omar is demanding its withdrawal then that means Jammu and Kashmir is returning to normalcy. If this is valid, then the critics must revise their harsh views on AFSPA. We all know that Omar, Chidambaram, many Congress leaders and a myriad of so-called human rights activists hate AFSPA. They will like .plete ‘abrogation (distinct from ‘withdrawal) of AFSPA. Their main argument against the Act was that it was worsening the situation in Kashmir (as in Manipur and other North Eastern States). But that has not been the case, if we go by the central governments latest data and Omars demand. In fact, one could legitimately argue that the AFSPA has indeed been able to improve the security situation in Kashmir so much so that it is no longer needed there. In other words, AFSPA deserves three cheers, not condemnations. 27 October 2011 marks 64 years of J&K being saved and wrested from the Pakistan army instigated raiders, that had attacked it.Thereafter,24×7,our Army has been guarding the LoC and preventing any alteration of its alignment either way, at the cost of thousands of casualties. Is this sacrifice being overlooked or disregarded? If Mr Abdullah thinks that there is such a level of improvement in the Valleys security that AFSPA and DAA can be lifted (from some parts),that has been possible, including the best tourist season in 25 years, mainly because of the Army being there and doing its duty, quietly & effectively !Now, if the separatists oft-parroted demand of removing AFSPA and demilitarizing J&K is implemented, there should be no doubt that ISI/jihadist will .plete what was attempted and left in.plete in 1948- the division of Kashmir , terrorism and India. The world knows (and surely Mr. Abdullah too!) that the India-specific terror infrastructure maintained by Pakistan army is very much active and of late, even more innovative. There are enough Pakistani terrorists present in J&K and many continuously trying to enter it-though their attempts are repeatedly thwarted by an ever-vigilant Army. So, removing AFSPA from some parts will only help these terrorists to enter them. Omar will also recall that the National Intelligence Agency has traced the perpetrators Delhi High Court attacks to Kishtwar, where investigations are currently on. Or, that an explosive laden car found in Ambala was also the handiwork of LeT operatives in Kashmir. And, when finally it was announced that there would be no abrogation as of now, but, a concerted debate, and discussion, with the principal players, chiefly the Army, there was a sense of relief-among the concerned citizenry of the nation! At last sense had prevailed. Defence Minister Antony has clearly stated that AFSPA will not be removed or amended, because any non-police personnel handling internal violence need to be covered. Even with AFSPA, soldiers or para-military personnel do not have the kind and amount of power that a policeman has. As an immediate soothner, what may be done is to rename AFSPA as Security Forces Special Services Act. Another thing, let us be proud of our armed forces. They need to be encouraged and strengthened, not maligned, as has been the rend lately! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: