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Travel-and-Leisure Cheap off-site airport parking is not a new thing. They have been in existence for quite a while now as many entrepreneurs have entered into this line of business. When one looks back at it all, it is reasonable to say most off-site terminal car parking areas were a little more than plots of land on the airports adjourning area, with extremely simple features and protection. Well, the market has progressed considerably since those times. The progress has even gone online as it has led to a growth of online Airport park and ride websites. Although there is a lot of that is looked into when it .es to getting parking at the airport, cost and security are often the main concerns that most people have. Along with these two concerns are many misconceptions. One misconception is that some car parks are located at insecure open fields. This particularly affects off-site parking which create the typical false impression that once you have left your car at the parking lot, you have to either walk great distances or hire some form of transport to get you to the airport terminal. I believe this arises from the fact that offsite parking is the least expensive option and is intended to keep ones spending as low as possible. However, due to the fact that many parking areas are designed in the open fields that en.pass airport terminals, one can only say that many air travelers are disillusioned. Off-site parking doesnt necessarily mean less security or abandonment. Besides that, a little bit of meticulous preparation will result in one being able to park offsite conveniently and get a shuttle ride to their terminal. I know this because I use Auckland airport parking a lot and their park and fly Auckland services are quite impressive. The other misconception is that your car will be broken into if parked at a secluded place or parked offsite. Well, it is unfortunately unavoidable that with the going ons at airports, someone will still experience some kind of vandalism to their car at paid up parking lots. But this is no more likely than if you left it in a multi-story parking area or if your car was parked by the road outside your house. Unfortunately it is always just a belief that using modern parking options at airports doesnt offer secure park parking. Such people forget that we live in the era of CCTV monitoring meaning any vandalism that happens, in case a vandal gets access to these modern parking lots, can be tracked. But such cases are very rare as most parking .panies employ more than one security device. Apart from CCTV cameras, they have security marshals, motion sensors, dogs etc. So next time you are planning to travel by air, do not hesitate to look for secure parking at the airport. This is because your car is actually safest at this modern parking lots than it is at your home or even office. The other thing is that is it not expensive for the simple reason that there are many cars at any particular time, so the parking .panies make more charging cheap rates. The only trick is to book early, preferably online before the date of travel. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: