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Trucks Alcoholism is a disease that definitely affects all of society regardless of race or status, however are endless research done on this, to see how it affects society, what are the consequences of being an alcoholic, but there is little research that examines their rehabilitation We are concerned that today’s youth so young as big an addiction present, but mostly we are concerned to hear that only say: "It’s a drunk and never going to change" "Not worth it, not worth you have some sort of friendship with him "" In an untrusted drunk "etc. Most however do not ask How can we help? Nowadays alcoholism is a disease that is growing, every day is why we are interested in opportunities there, to stop this disease but especially if there are chances that people manage to over.e this addiction alcoholic and if they can get re- integrate society without suffering contempt, indifference, bad reputation, etc.. which acquires an alcoholic and that is what drives them to make the big decision to call for support to over.e their addiction. Our research is to learn more about that happening, with them, if they can get the hell in which they are or if they just continue with their illness until death. Alcoholism is a disease, because the phenomena arising from the loss of control when drinking alcohol, meets all the requirements to consider medicine as a disease requires a certain set of symptoms and signs: has a natural history, there is a clinical readily identifiable and similar in all individuals who suffer, no etiology (causes), one pathogenesis (biological factors underlying the disease), prognosis, treatment, and a number of strategies for prevention. Alcoholism is a chronic, insidious development and progressive evolution, which is characterized by the inability of the person to control his drinking, which results in most of the times when alcohol is consumed, the affected do it excessively and develop problems with their health, family, work and society in general. This loss of control is the result of psychological and physical dependence on alcohol that the individual has developed frequently and consume excessive for some time and by a genetically determined predisposition to substance addiction. For alcoholics, can be described as a physical .pulsion coupled with a mental obsession, as it has the characteristic physical desire to use alcohol beyond our ability to control it, which I defy all the rules of .mon sense. Alcoholism is a progressive disease. Will progressively evolve practically from the beginning of drinking. Alcoholism is not a habit, but the consequence of a habit. The act of drinking alcohol can be a habit at a time, but the habit can go to excess and then to addiction. We must not f.et that the road to addiction begins with use, is by habit, past abuse and dependence ends or addiction. But once you get to the disease, it progresses through several phases: pre-alcoholic, initial, critical and terminal. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: