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95 | cross-border supersecondary Zhuang Barton castle! Take 560 legendary winemaker red Wine – Sohu (Saint-Julien) and St. Julian of Bordeaux (Bordeaux) is the most popular in the region is not a village level. But there are 5 grade two and 3 of the village, "out of the same door" winery for its excellent performance in recent years is known as the "three", "super" (Super Second) as. Today recommended wine is one of the three heroes: 2012 year Barton Castle red Wine. First look at the wine highlights: Barton Castle (Chateau Leoville Barton) in Bordeaux 1855 grade ranked two in the village, and the lion Winery (Chateau Leoville Las Cases) and le Fubo Philippines (Chateau Leoville-Poyferre) and the manor called three, a supersecondary level. Bordeaux legend wine consultant Boseno (&: Jacques; Eric Boissenot) served as a consultant to the castle of wine, is responsible for determining the 2012 Vintage grape picking time and the final allocation of wine. High score! Wine access to authoritative wine ratings magazine wine lovers (Wine Enthusiast) of the ultra-high score, scoring 95 points. The wine to enjoy national cross-border electricity preferential policies, the wine from the bonded warehouse delivery, temporary tariff rate is 0, is as low as ¥ 560. Wine wine for more details about the sliding picture name: Barton Castle red wine Chateau Wine Name: Castle Barton region: St. Julian (Saint-Julien): aged two time grade Zhuang bucket: 18 months (70% barrels) of grape varieties: 83% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Melo, 2% Cabernet wine consultant: bosai Nobel and wine world cross-border electricity price: ¥ 560: Barton Barton is one of the three castle castle dates back to as early as seventeenth Century, at the time of Barton castle, Chateau Le lion and Fubo Philippines manor is the same wineries, belonging to the Monte · ‘(Mont Moytie). Influenced by Napoleon’s inheritance law, the winery was divided into three. Some heirs chose to sell the winery after inheriting the winery, some of which were sold to Hugh · Barton (Hugh Barton), so he renamed the Chateau Chateau de la Barton. Winery in a score of three before in Bordeaux enjoy a high reputation, visibility is now only one of the top five. But in 1855 Medok (Medoc) was officially named out of village level list, and in 15 years ago, a winery is divided into three pattern has been established, so the three wineries have to independently participate in!相关的主题文章: