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A brisk one hour are used according to the "news feed and global news network reported on March 22nd, a new French study shows that women of any age to go every day can make the risk of developing breast cancer by 12% hours. The researchers analyzed 37 studies published between 1987 and ~2013, involving more than 4 million women, who came to the conclusion. But regardless of age, weight, geographical differences, exercise will obtain obvious anti-cancer effect. A brisk one hour has the head of research, International Institute for the prevention of Mathieu says the 37 studies are so far all the research about the relationship between exercise and breast cancer, therefore, he is confident of research conclusion. The results of the study also found that a great relationship with exercise the effect of preventing cancer tumor types, but overall, exercise effects against breast cancer is very obvious. Professor Mathieu said, taking into account the exercise, especially walking can have a preventive effect on many diseases including breast cancer, the government should vigorously to create a sports atmosphere in a city, such as building suitable for walking or riding the road facilities, the construction of sports facilities, as well as in the popularity of sports in school. Another study found that women who walked 7 hours a week had a lower risk of breast cancer than those who walked for about 3 hours a week. If women walk 7 hours a week on the basis of the intensity of exercise to do some more, the risk of breast cancer will be reduced by 25%. The person in charge, the American Cancer Society ABO · Dr. Patel said, the results clearly proved that the association between physical exercise and postmenopausal breast cancer, more exercise, anti-cancer effect is more obvious. According to a U. S. guidelines, to maintain a moderate amount of 150 minutes per week to a large amount of exercise, not only helps prevent breast cancer, but also to keep the body healthy and comfortable.相关的主题文章: