A lack of security technology will soon be on the market Uber driverless taxi trial run in Pittsburg-face gossip

A lack of security technology will soon be on the market? Uber driverless taxi is about to run in Pittsburgh – Sohu technology in the next few weeks, Pittsburgh’s Uber users may have both a passenger and driver’s ride experience. Uber is planning to launch a taxi service that has been tested on the streets of Pittsburgh. Uber will first try to run this service on about 12 taxis, and plans to cover up to the end of the year by the end of the 100 taxis. Of course, at this stage, each taxi will be equipped with a driver to control the car in case of emergency. Pittsburgh was chosen as the test field Uber driverless car because it is near the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University robotics research center, in addition, the city complex road and the environment is also very suitable for unmanned testing. Uber Uber led the way in the field of driving a car driving in the unmanned unmanned test in Pittsburgh last month, because the driver does not need to think mode of operation is likely to subvert the traditional taxi industry, after all, in the past few years, Uber in the taxi driver who spent billions of dollars to expand market share. However, this technology is still in its infancy, when we can really get rid of the driver is still unknown. Uber the focus of this test is the problem, how far away from the real market? This may also change the views of the government and the public on driverless cars, especially in June this year after Tesla’s serious accident. The U.S. national highway traffic safety administration is currently investigating the accident, the public on the machine driver’s view has also been reflected in the incident by the most vividly. About Uber the driverless car running all There were many discussions. It’ll make many people, because the first unmanned. It is a novel and frightening experience for many people to take a hand off the steering wheel and drive the car fully automatically. Unmanned technology of computer and automation which can bring disruptive changes to the transportation industry, unmanned technology now has a big leap forward, this is not only driven by the traditional automobile manufacturing industry, more developed from some sensors, computer and software etc. the new technology driven by force. In fact, driverless cars is the trend. "Technology and market pioneer," Carnegie Mellon University professor Red Whittaker said he had eighty in the last century to 90s have made outstanding contributions in the field of navigation of outdoor machine, and lead the team to the United States Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) held in 2007 the first unmanned contest. "It would have been a few decades still need time to develop something, but it is now coming into the reality of life." Over the past few decades, research on unmanned technology in the field of business and academia have to go hand in hand, however, the recent note相关的主题文章: