A married man shall not use privacy as blackmail female students in high school-oboni

A married man shall not use privacy as the original title blackmail female high school students: married men pursue failed with privacy as blackmail female high school students for the pursuit of female friends, 35 year old Zhang Xiang (a pseudonym) and hide their marital status, however, after being rejected, angry Zhang Xiang unexpectedly issued private photo threat nvwang. Recently, Kashi City People’s court hearing the case, the crime of blackmail and impose exactions on Zhang Xiang was sentenced to 1 years and 1 months, and fined 8000 yuan. In February 2015, when only 18 years old if Tong (a pseudonym) is a high school student, because nothing else, if you ever met Zhang Xiang through chat software. In the chat, Zhang Xiang claimed to be graduated from a medical school in Shanghai, currently in Kashi, a hospital as a doctor, because of work for many years single. On the network, two people chat to be in full swing, it is logical to meet then. Looking at the full flavor of the students if Paul, pure and lovely, Zhang Xiang was attracted to the. Since then, two people often eat together, shopping, watching movies. But because Zhang Xiang is older, if Paul took him as his own intimate brother, have any questions and thoughts had confided to him. With more and more the intimate relationship between the two, in the chat, if Paul Zhang Xiang told their regular menstruation, may be suffering from gynecological diseases, in this regard, Zhang Xiang said he can cure. So, Zhang Xiang in the "treatment" if ever menstruation in the process, by the "check" if the private parts of Tong, and while its not spare the private parts of mobile phone secretly filmed photos. After the acquaintance of nearly a year after the end of 2015, Zhang Xiang suggested that if ever do his girlfriend, but if ever failed to agree, and in order to avoid Zhang Xiang’s harassment, if Paul also replace the contact, completely cut off contact with Zhang Xiang. If you ever think of themselves in the body is not only the cost of energy is spent a lot of money, unwilling to Zhang Xiang after asking, if students from Tong gained new contact. He threatened if Paul on the phone, or pay treatment costs 10 thousand yuan, or have sex, otherwise it will be if Paul private photos through the network of mass dissemination to their classmates. After listening, if ever felt this is Zhang Xiang for his blackmail concocted lies, did not care, until later, she saw her private photos really in the QQ group, shame and anger if Paul immediately reported to the police. After investigation, Zhang Xiang is a pharmaceutical company’s sales staff, has set up a family, and has 2 children. Recently, Kashi City People’s court after the case that, Zhang Xiang will take to the Internet and other means of privacy threats continue if Paul, extort money, his behavior constituted the crime of blackmail and impose exactions on end, sentenced Zhang Xiang, was sentenced to 1 years imprisonment for 1 months, and fined 8000 yuan. Source: urban consumption morning news editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: