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A mechanic to learn car theft crime achievementdetermines provincial marketing through-train original title: mechanic apprentice to learn to steal the car engaged in sales of auto parts Zhang and other 5 people in just 5 months, the 7 consecutive stolen car. After being arrested by the police, 5 people were prosecuted for theft prosecution. Beijing Morning Post reporter was informed yesterday, after two court, Zhang and others were sentenced to imprisonment ranging from 5 to 10 years. It is understood that in order to learn car theft to make quick money, 26 year old and 29 year old Zhang Zhou is the hometown of Anhui, in Beijing, engaged in auto parts sales, two private good relations. One day in October 2014, Zhou Zhang complained to the market downturn, selling at a loss of normal parts, Zhang asked where to get cheap cars and accessories, want to earn some money. At this point, Zhang thought he had a friend surnamed pang. Pang has its own repair shop, the car structure is very proficient. Two people will find Pang, a discussion of the three, I think the money to steal the car the fastest, and began to elaborate planning. Bought from the city auto parts, key blanks, decoder, door opener, crowbars and wrenches and other tools, pangmou drove two people to find the target. In Beijing on the north side of the road, three people locked in a black Camry, Zhang and Zhou lookout and along the way, pangmou decoder car fire and, in less than 10 minutes, the Camry has successfully been stolen they succeeded, first let three people have tasted the sweetness of a get out of hand. Zhang and Zhou is a Baipang teacher, learning the car craft". Inter provincial crime achievementdetermines one-stop sales at the beginning of December 2014, three people in the vicinity of Chaoyang District North Road, Yang mills, the lock decoding way to steal the horse six 1 cars; the evening of December 11th, and steal the horse six 1 cars in Chaoyang District dam; the evening of March 21, 2015, in Chaoyang District, stealing 1 cars accord. Every few days, the three men went out to steal the car, and succeeded, more crazy. With the car stolen more and more easily, three people because of the spoils the rift, then part company each going his own way. Later Zhang, Zhou and two friends to draw another group of gangs, continue to steal cars. They were a clear division of labor, from the lookout, pry the car cover, matching key links in the personal operation. Zhang and Zhou technology learning on the Internet, link fence. At first, they buy to scrap cars, and then steal the same type of car, stolen vehicle engine number and frame number changes, according to the procedures of scrapped cars sold to the second-hand car market in Tianjin. In their contact to car and car sales under good condition after the spin off, transported to the field assembly selling vehicle, the condition is not good after the decomposition in accordance with accessories for sale. The most arrogant, a few people go to Anhui, Hefei to sell the car on the way, but also stole a car. The car theft gang continuous crime, so that local residents jittery at the same time, also caused the attention of the police. The police will this several case series and, through 4 months of careful investigation, the success of the gang arrested, and knocked out pin stolen downstream, the whole gang end La fawang. Zhang and others were identified by the theft of vehicles, the value of a total of 743 thousand and 500 yuan, after a total of nearly $two, nearly 2相关的主题文章: