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A shares reproduction barbarian board bloodbath placards to recall the ball all the directors ST Hui sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money question in Shanghai layers, ST Hui ball (600556.SH) barbarians at the gate finally sit still. The evening of September 21st, the exchange even inquiries are not put in the eye of the company disclosed placards Shenzhen Jiayu relai investment enterprises (limited partnership) (hereinafter referred to as greencare Jiayu) held a provisional shareholders meeting to draw the letter. Announcements, relai Jiayu makes a total of 14 shareholders including bill veto or dismissal of directors candidates, directors and independent directors, the election of new directors and independent directors, amend the articles of association of the company, a wholly owned subsidiary to suspend the purchase of assets and suspended new subsidiaries and foreign capital. Specifically, we proposed the removal of ST ball relai Hui all the directors, including the chairman Dong Wenliang, Wen Lihua, Liu Guangru, Liu Shilin, independent director Li Zhanguo, Zhang Pei, Chen Fengtao, Zhang Xiangyang also nominated 5 people such as new directors. Public information, Zhang Pei, Chen Fengtao, Zhang Xiangyang three people are served as chairman, President and Jiayu relai chief risk officer. In order to successfully enter the board of directors, we also request to modify the reliance in the articles of association of the company set up barriers. In the announcement, ST Hui ball the existing constitution, given time and the number of shareholders to nominate directors clearly defined, and we clearly do not want to wait relai. It is worth noting that the letter said relai Jiayu, in September 13th has been sent to ST Hui ball board, but the latter has not yet been disclosed, for this event, the Shanghai Stock Exchange to ST Hui ball by sending a letter of inquiry, given ST Hui ball’s response is relai Jiayu proposal was "in contravention of the relevant the laws and regulations and the articles of association of the company, the company will" further verify the relevant matters after the timely disclosure obligations. In the ST Hui ball announced the extension of the disclosure of silgen Jiayu bill at the same time, the Shenzhen is also stepping up the pace of private equity holdings. From September 19th to September 21 during the day, relai Jiayu through centralized auction Holdings ST Hui ball 1 million 309 thousand and 400 shares, plus the previously held 39 million 979 thousand and 400 shares, the total holdings of silgen Jiayu ST Hui ball 41 million 288 thousand and 800 shares, accounting for 10.458334% of the total equity of listed companies. The interface of news rough calculation, we rely for white ST Hui has the ball who spent more than 640 million yuan money, so the company to borrow from Beijing state field Cci Capital Ltd in June this year has been spent 600 million. It is worth mentioning that relai Jiayu in the first half of this year revenue is only 605 thousand yuan, the company has "food" There is not much left. From the price of holdings, in July 21st to July 28th, Jiayu relai from August 11th to September 5th two time period, the average price of 15.17 yuan holdings of shares, 16.26 yuan shares, as of 22 noon closing, ST Hui ball stock price has dropped to 13.25 yuan shares, and the company in September 14th, 19 were overweight are more than 1 of the price相关的主题文章: