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A shares 130 placards warning sounded "stateless" company to grab sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money source: China Times: Liu Sixi may be affected by the Yili is sunshine insurance placards, placards case on the field this week, emerge in an endless stream. Originally some quiet days placards stocks once again become the focus of the market. Economic slowdown and transformation and upgrading, so that a large number of funds have sought to obtain better profits or assets through the acquisition needs. In addition, since the second half of last year, the capital market in the doldrums, many companies share price is low, the investment value to further highlight the advantages. Placards menacing reporter noted, sunshine insurance placards Yili seems sounded on the market placards warning, only in September 21st on the same day, there are 3 placards event at the entrance of the "barbarians" is stepping up the pace of approximation. September 20th has just announced the intention of the *ST landscape four natural persons, the next day will act quickly. *ST landscape September 21st evening announcement, the company was informed that: as of September 21, 2016, and two through the trading market, too, Zhou Xiaoyan, Wu Zhao Mingxian, Lin Ningyao together to buy 10 million 122 thousand and 200 shares in the company, representing the company’s total share capital of 4.999954%, triggering placards for cards. It is worth mentioning that, Wu Tai Jiao and concerted action Holdings said, is the main purpose of the investment behavior of the ordinary, the purpose is to obtain investment income, the next 12 months will continue to increase the *ST landscape is not less than 8 million shares. The same day, Guangzhou Kingfa company chairman Yuan Zhimin also shot placards juhuagufen. Juhuagufen September 21st evening announcement, the company has successfully completed 3 billion 200 million yuan refinancing. According to the "report of changes in equity" Jane Yuan Zhimin, the natural person shareholders to subscribe for 1 billion 280 million yuan Juhuagufen the non-public offering of shares 120300751 shares, accounting for the total share capital of Juhuagufen non publicly issued after 5.7%. To become the second largest shareholder of juhuagufen. For the placards, Yuan Zhimin said, Juhuagufen recognized and optimistic about the business development and future development prospects. Xi’an tourism September 21st evening announcement, Sunriser group and its concert Hangzhou three stone from July 28th to September 20th, through the centralized auction a total purchase of 11 million 868 thousand and 300 shares of the company shares, representing 5% of total share capital, the purchase price per share of 12.375 yuan to 14.596 yuan. Sunriser group and its concert said the holdings of Xi’an tourism value analysis based on prospect and future, while its possibility in the next 12 months does not exclude further holdings of shares of listed companies. According to statistics, this year, A shares have occurred at least 63 placards event, involving nearly 40 companies. The second half of last year, listed companies are placards phenomenon is blowout, during the more than and 100 listed company were placards, placards number nearly 200 times. A year before last June相关的主题文章: