A woman in Yunnan to kill the abusive husband was suspended for hundreds of villagers petitioned the-noreply

A woman in Yunnan killed hundreds of villagers petitioned the abusive husband for probation – seeking a lenient sentence Beijing, Beijing, Kunming, November 11, (Yang Xiongbo) 11, Yunnan Province, Chuxiong intermediate people’s Court on the defendant Guo Moumou intentional homicide verdict: defendant Guo Moumou guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to three years in prison. Five years of probation. Defendant Moumou and the victim Liu Moumou Department of husband and wife relationship, the victim Liu Moumou in the daily life of the marriage and family often beaten, threatened the defendant Moumou fruit and the fruit of certain parents. In October 19, 2015 13 PM, the victim Liu Moumou due to household chores at home in the kitchen when eating fruit and the defendant Moumou Moumou parents quarrel, fruit were discouraged and Liu Liu to tear the yard, carry out knife language threat to the defendant Guo Moumou and parent, tear the fruit during certain and the mother was pushed to the ground, the defendant Guo Moumou picked up a stick after the door to the yard stood up in his hands, the victim Liu Moumou found after stop tearing staring at Guo Moumou, the defendant Liu Moumou in fruit and while it is not prepared, hands up sticks to hit the victim Liu head rod, leading to the victim Liu Moumou died on the spot. Chuxiong intermediate people’s court held that: the victim Liu XX has a long history of drug abuse, in the marriage, in order to control fruit and fruit to let Moumou Moumou, Moumou on fruit for a long term beatings, insults, threats and control of fruit by the surname please relatives and friends to help persuade, women’s Federation, justice reflect the situation required to divorce court mediation, alarm and other methods are not effectively stop, get rid of Liu’s family violence, but lead to more and more serious violence liumoumou, even violence will be expanded to fruit Moumou parents, repeated violence seriously endanger the safety of life and family surname fruit. If Liu Moumou in family violence because of physical differences and psychological fear of lack of ability to resist, in the final day of the incident, because Liu Moumou drunk after the insults, beatings, and threats to the family’s personal safety in the abuse, anger, in a state of fear in order to get rid of domestic violence and its elimination the threats, with a wooden stick Liu killed, his behavior is defense factors, Liu in the cause of the case has obvious fault, can be punished if certain discretion lenient. The picture shows that the defendant signed the legal documents. Photo by Yang Xiongbo fruit Moumou after committing the crime of surrender, during the trial of a voluntary confession, repentance. The victim Liu Moumou relatives after the incident voluntarily give up civil compensation, take the initiative to issue a letter of understanding, called for a lighter punishment if a certain. In addition, Guo Moumou adjacent Village hundred people active petition, hope to reduce the punishment if certain light, enough to prove that the probation of fruit Moumou no significant adverse impact on the residential community. Counsel if Moumou has long suffered from the serious domestic violence victims, which belongs to the battered women against behavior, their behavior is defensive in nature, and harm the object is specific, which is different from other intentional homicide cases of harm to society, should be tolerant to process defense opinion the court shall be adopted. Knowledge of domestic violence相关的主题文章: