Absurd! You have Huizhen recommended Cai Yingwen take back the sovereignty of the new territories k9084

Absurd! You have Huizhen "recommended" Cai Yingwen take back "New Territories sovereignty" original title: tour Huizhen pull "Taiwan independence" to support Hong Kong Independence "was for Cai Yingwen to recover the sovereignty of the new territories [Global Times reported] by Hongkong High Court disqualified the ndyp members 22 days tour Hui Zhen published an open letter, actually" advice "Taiwan leader Cai Yingwen take back the sovereignty of the new territories of Hongkong. According to Taiwan "Central News Agency," 22 reported that the tour Huizhen said in an open letter, the interpretation of the law "in violation of the" basic law "stipulates that" joint conflict "Joint Declaration" relevant provisions, make its failure risk; according to the "Treaty of Nanjing" and "Beijing Convention", the island of Hongkong and the nine dragon Peninsula (south of Boundary Street) of the Qing Dynasty permanent sovereignty is handed over to the British, the new territories is British to the 99 year lease on the issue of sovereignty, so the "Joint Declaration" can only deal with Hong Kong, the right to decide the sovereignty of the new territories. She said that if the "Joint Declaration" is no longer valid, "the government of the Republic of China is still retained in the sovereignty of Hongkong of the three treaty, should be the new territories in the constitution of the Republic of China under the framework of the status and attributes, and that the official position statement", and "advice" to Cai Yingwen and the British have to negotiate. Aiming at the travel Huizhen open letter, "presidential palace", this part of the MAC understanding and processing. Shenzhen University Hongkong expert Zhang Dinghuai 22 told the "Global Times", Huizhen travel outside the purpose of in the hope of "Taiwan independence" to support Hong Kong Independence, manufacturing topics to win public attention. Zhang Dinghuai said that this goal will not succeed, because the people of Hongkong will not support such a silly topic. Huizhen swim in the evening of 22 Facebook said, did consider the letter to Cai Yingwen, the contents of the letter in the report is one of draft versions, but has been rejected. (to Lei, Peng Zefeng)相关的主题文章: