Access to Foxconn’s $120 million investment in the establishment of four years drops valuation rose kaya scodelario

Foxconn invested $120 million to set up four years drops to $33 billion 800 million valuation source: Oriental IC original title: Foxconn invested $120 million to set up four years by valuation rose to $33 billion 800 million from the interface by Chen Xiaoshuang   in September 8th, according to Dow Jones news, Fuji Yasuko company to invest $119 million 900 thousand in travel by Fuji Yasuko, the company will hold 0.355% pieces of travel shares. Drops to the interface of news confirmed the news, and said that Foxconn is a global leader in electronics industry at home and abroad, by value investors support, will continue to promote investment in China Mobile travel industry development, create a better experience for the user. In accordance with the $119 million 900 thousand investment trips to calculate the share of $0.355%, the current valuation is about $33 billion 800 million drops. In September 9th, the four anniversary of the establishment of drops, since its establishment, continues to expand the scale of mergers and acquisitions has a fast taxi and Uber Chinese, and in nearly a year of valuation rose $17 billion 300 million, to become Chinese online travel field unicorn. May 2015, micro-blog access to $142 million financing, in September, Cheng Wei announced the completion of $3 billion in financing, valuation rose to $16 billion 500 million. In June this year, trickle trip announced the latest round of financing raised $7 billion 300 million, including $4 billion 500 million in equity financing and $2 billion 800 million in debt and loan financing. Apple invested $1 billion, China life-insurance company injection of $600 million; Ali and ant gold service were subscribed $200 million per share of preference shares, a total investment of $400 million. At the same time, the existing investors Tencent, Alibaba, China Merchants Bank and Softbank will continue to support. Informed sources said that this round of financing on the valuation of more than $25 billion trip drops. Also in June of this year, Poly Real Estate and poly investments are expected to be set up by poly capital RMB fund to carry out equity investment drops. The amount of investment reached $2 billion 500 million, drops valuation rose to $27 billion 600 million. August 1st, bit by bit trip announced a strategic agreement with the global Uber, the amount of the trip will be acquired excellent Chinese brand, business, data and other assets in the mainland operations. After the two sides reached a strategic agreement, drops travel and Uber Global Shares will become a minority shareholder of each other. Uber will hold a 5.89% stake in the world, equivalent to the economic interests of the economy, the best of the rest of the Chinese shareholders of China will get a total of 2.3% of the economic interests of the 17.7%. At the same time, Cheng Wei, founder and chairman of the trip will join the Uber global board of directors. Uber founder Travis Kalanick will also be added to the trip board. Bloomberg quoted informed sources said, after the acquisition of Uber China’s new company valuation of more than $35 billion.相关的主题文章: