Accused of Liao Han Tian Pujun v. WeChat public –it–,

Accused of "Liao Han"   Tian Pujun v. WeChat public –IT–, original title: accused of "Liao Han" Tian Pujun v. WeChat, WeChat public due to a number of public published articles, called the "Liao Han" "wild west", Wang Shi’s girlfriend Tian Pujun reputation infringement, the WeChat public number the holders of Ms. Wang to court, asked for an apology, eliminate the effects of compensation for mental damages 500 thousand yuan and reasonable expenses 5 yuan. Beijing Morning Post reporter learned yesterday, Chaoyang Court has formally accepted the case. Tian Pujun said the prosecution, in July 4th this year, Ms. Wang in the WeChat registered public "beast floor" entitled Tian Pujun Liao Han past, world would be unorthodox woman away "article, her wantonly slander. The article was published, the amount of reading in 7 hours that is more than 1 million 200 thousand. Although Ms. Wang later deleted the article, but its reputation has been the damage has been formed, and has not been deleted due to the deletion of articles. Tian Pujun said, the accused, the wanton wanton slander, saying it is the cause of Wang Shi’s "dilemma" and "death", "Vanke Wang Shi accumulated goodwill in Miss Tian long time self speculation exhausted" Wang Shi today’s predicament, heavily influenced by the relationship of drag". In addition, the plaintiff’s character and integrity groundless slander, said clearly active pursuit of this relationship…… But it is necessary to put the victim’s attitude in all public places, malicious attacks on their personality. The article also fabricated cases, saying that the real estate business to do with Vanke, meaning that it engaged in related party transactions, and even alleged crimes. Tian Pujun believes that Ms. Wang’s behavior caused a very bad influence on its public image, so that its public evaluation to reduce, causing great psychological and mental damage. To this end, WeChat sued each other in public, "beast floor" and the major portals on the apology, eliminate the effects of compensation for mental damages 500 thousand yuan and reasonable expenses 5 yuan. It is reported that the court had to call Ms. Wang contact Tian Pujun provided, but the staff said the number is not ms.. After the court by courier service are provided to Tian Pujun Wang residential address and residence address by post litigation materials, notify the other party to appear in court. Express tracking records show that the lawsuit material has been signed. As of press time, Ms. Wang has not taken the initiative to contact the court. (reporter Yan Fei) (commissioning editor Zhao Yue and Yang Bo)相关的主题文章: