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Acura CDX8 month only sold 466 vehicles, where is not good? Sohu, Honda announced the August car sales, which made the Acura CDX sales more interesting, data show that the end of July listed the Acura CDX, the August sales of 466 vehicles, while the Acura no interpretation of the data is not completely possible distribution channels is limited, or capacity etc.. However, the domestic models so long after the preparation of the first month from the data on the market performance, apparently too bad. Lower figure, low-cost market CDX can quickly open situation why not you? Obviously Mercedes Benz GLA and Audi Q3, the new BMW X1 monthly sales are thousands of cars, three line luxury brands can only be embarrassed? In fact, CDX is not recognized by the market price weakness, not just look at the price, the product is the most important, do not understand the consumer demand. Although the appearance is turnip greens each have their own views, domestic Acura CDX’s appearance is not to take the popular route, the air inlet grid and gradual familization, angular impact, some consumers will be directly rejected. In the domestic market, the appearance design became more popular, such as Volkswagen Tiguan, Audi A4L, etc.. As a luxury brand, should be more prominent is the high sense, Acura CDX and Honda fit with the platform, how can this do not Tucao? You know, Dongfeng A9 with Citroen C6 platform, Infiniti QX30 with the Mercedes Benz GLA platform. Although there are many models of the shared platform, but not so much LOW. Acura as a high-end brand of Honda, Honda’s platform is normal, such as the Acura TL based on Honda nine generation accord development, Acura RDX and Honda CR-V platform, but is straight down the price doubled. Tucao go Tucao, said the 2018 accord and Civic Platform, Honda is very headstrong. In addition, a major weakness is also CDX. The first panoramic sunroof, all consumers are fond of configuration, sorry CDX only 310 thousand with models only, all of a sudden loss of many potential users. The second is the non independent torsion beam suspension, this is the law car with characteristics of scooters, should not appear in the Acura CDX, for us to electronic parking, multi link, it is the same with the 70 thousand flying platform, can only say, cheap. The third is configured with low chilling, no parking, no automatic headlights, no automatic latch. Electric trunk, parking radar, HUD display, front and rear seat heating, seat memory, with models only. All 280 thousand, there is no discount, naturally more people will choose GLA, Q3 and X1. After comparing the car buying, the hedge ratio,… Of course, in addition to some shortcomings, CDX still has a lot of merits. However, perhaps more people waiting for Honda crown Road, CDX is simply an enhanced version of the full range of power, space, configuration are leading, a few laps may also be cheaper price. You say, the brand is not enough, not as good as the province to buy 100 thousand Changan CX.相关的主题文章: