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Africa China poll: positive image Chinese pattern recognized – News Agency of the new network in October 24 Johannesburg Xinhua (reporter Song Fangcan) recently, the well-known African pollster "African" Chinese vane "released in the non image survey report", from the perspective of regional, country and the influence factors of China were investigated and comprehensive assessment on non influence and image. In October 24th, the agency reported on its official website the headline article entitled "Africans welcome China.". African vane is a multinational investigation and research in Africa, currently operating in more than and 30 countries in africa. Their aim is to investigate the views of ordinary people on some issues, in the economic development, government management issues such as the decision-making process of the voice of the people. They collect and publish high quality, reliable statistics on Africa, and provide them free of charge to the public. "In Chinese report" non image from the survey began to published last year, covering Africa, 36 countries, respondents reached 54000 people, to a certain extent reflects the objective of African public opinion on Chinese in non image and influence. Survey shows that China’s growing influence in Africa, the overall positive image. Overall, 63% of respondents believe that China’s influence in the country is positive. The survey also shows that economic activities such as investment in Africa is to create Chinese image and upgrade the main factors to influence more than 2/3 African Chinese, respondents believe that economic activity in Africa has deep influence or China. The report also shows that uneven product quality, occupation of local employment opportunities and other negative effects on China’s non image. In addition, China’s development assistance to Africa has also been welcomed. About 54% of respondents believe that China’s development assistance to Africa has played a very good or better results, including in West Africa and Central Africa, respectively, 65% and 64% of respondents praised China’s aid to Africa fruitful. The survey said the Chinese model was recognized by the African people. China’s development model has been recognized by 24% of respondents, including Cameroon, Sultan, Mozambique and other countries most recognized Chinese model. (end)相关的主题文章: