After 3 months, the woman was found to have a

The women’s abortion after 3 months was found in stomach and a baby of British women’s early abortion Sadie’s twin brother, dead baby in the end of the month birth. Information Times reported the barber of Staffordshire, cloth in ectopic pregnancy Sadie tawin and after the abortion, she almost collapsed, blow. 7 months later, she gave birth to the twins. In November 2nd, the 32 year old Sadie with 6 day old son Tactic discharged home, tells the story of his special experience. Severe bleeding from his mother was not found in B about 8 weeks pregnant, Sadie due to ectopic pregnancy cause tubal rupture, severe internal bleeding. She and her husband, Gary, were hit by the loss of their children. At this time, they never thought, there is a child in the belly of the baby Sadie, because the mother’s body serious bleeding and escaped the ultrasound doctors, not found. After the completion of the abortion surgery, the doctor told Sadie, she had too much blood loss, must rest for 3 months. So Sadie with her husband and 4 year old daughter went to Spain on vacation. When the distance of operation has been nearly 3 months, the stomach is still swollen with Sadie, she felt very strange, with a dipstick test, but found she was pregnant. The pregnancy test can’t believe once considered a false pregnancy Sadie in no mood for the holiday, fly back to england. Sadie did not believe she was pregnant, say "impossible", because only through production. Doctors are also beginning to wonder if this is a pregnancy hormone caused by false pregnancy. But the ultrasound scans showed that Sadie had been pregnant for 19 weeks. And this kid is the twin brother of the dead baby. In October 27th, doctors performed a caesarean section on Sadie, she gave birth to a boy weighing 3 kg, named Teddy. It is reported that an embryo implantation in the uterus, another embryo implanted in the fallopian tube (that is, ectopic pregnancy), which is known as ectopic twin pregnancy, the probability of occurrence is about 3 to 1/10000. A scene editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: