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Agency recommended: Friday with the layout of the potential gold stocks prompted statement the industry and stock analysis from the brokerage Research Report, only analysts of the industry and the stocks of the personal views do not represent the views of the card network, not as investors buy or sell stocks on the stock market risk, the investment must be cautious. 1, Boteng shares: the long-term layout to recommend the Rating firm announced 16 year: first half revenue 613 million yuan, an increase of 14.16%; net profit attributable to 9290.06 yuan, an increase of 67.55%, after deduction of non net profit of 958 billion 248 million yuan, an increase of 77.22%. Higher than market expectations. Anti HCV, intermediate force, becoming the main growth: first half anti HCV drug intermediates revenue 216 million yuan, an increase of 69.15%, gross margin of 51.45%, an increase of nearly 20PP, mainly due to the 110 workshop to improve the running state and non GMP intermediate suppliers became a subsidiary of toho. Anti HCV drugs from Gilead’s income is estimated at 180 million yuan, close to the level of last year, this year to become the main growth. Although the Gilead report shows that Harvoni fell more sales in the United States, but the main reason is that people use Geely JCDecaux pricing is limited, and these people will soon be cured in the subsequent lack of demand, so the long term Harvoni has the necessary price to meet more consumers. But for CMO enterprises, the corresponding patent medicine sales increase more than the gross margin is more important, and intermediate groups on the Epclusa in Velpatasvir has a higher price and gross margin (expected price close to 6 times, Sofosbuvir intermediate) we think Gilead’s C liver will still be an important factor continued growth in the future. Anti diabetic drugs in the first half revenue of 73 million 639 thousand and 700 yuan, down by 23.54%, in the process of improvement and operation of the store to promote the adjustment of gross margin rose 14.90PP, return to the original level. Another direction of anti AIDS drugs in the first half of the income of 168 million yuan, down by 21.51%, gross margin increased by 1.59PP. We concluded that the two series of sales fell mainly workshop scheduling factors, rather than the reduction in orders, with the second half of the year to complete the financial settlement and delivery, can still maintain growth throughout the year. "Big customer +" strategy to deepen, better overseas giants: the company followed the "big customer +" strategy, continue to force, before and J& J and Gilead formed a strategic partnership, and this year, Pfizer has become the key partner "means that although the two sides of the sales amount has not yet reached a high level. But in the aspect of research, production of mutual trust has reached new heights. At the same time, there is a breakthrough progress in cooperation with the BI company, has become an important supplier of BI’s diabetes drug Jardiance + double potential failure. In addition, the company also actively explore the Novartis, Roche, BMS and other companies market, to explore opportunities for cooperation. We expect that with the company and GSK, Pfizer, BI and other major overseas giants added nirvana.)相关的主题文章: