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Aimed at the younger boomers HUAWEI enjoy 6 release, the price of 1299 yuan – digital technology Sohu Sohu king Xue Ying in October 27th, HUAWEI held a new conference in Beijing, HUAWEI officially released to enjoy 6. And HUAWEI enjoy 5S all metal body is different, this HUAWEI enjoy 6 similar to the iPhone 5C polycarbonate material, the machine is quite youthful dynamic wind, mainly for young consumers. As a so-called "play" of new products, the HUAWEI enjoy 6 in appearance is a tidal bursting. 7.9MM slim with arc edge angle, curved shell with a flat spray paint, the whole vision is very little and dainty, holding hand. In order to meet the positioning of young people, the machine offers a variety of color gold, gray, white, pink, blue. Configuration, HUAWEI enjoy 6 equipped with a 5 inch AMOLED screen, screen accounting for up to 75%. Equipped with internal DDR3 3GB RAM large memory and HPM process eight core CPU, 16GB ROM with maximum 128GB SD card expansion memory, the whole system is equipped with Android system based on EMUI 4.1. HUAWEI pictures, enjoy 6 using F 2.21300 megapixel front + rear 5 million pixel F2.0 camera, wide-angle lens that rear view angle of ultra-thin 80° possible; built-in blue glass IR filter plus AR antireflection film double coated lenses, night vision camera significantly enhance the effect, and further reduce the halo spot. It is worth noting that HUAWEI continues to enjoy 6 fingerprint technology in the field of touch the previous generation: 8mm*8mm recognition area, effectively improve the recognition speed; new touchpad function and a fast pay function, the user can slide up and down through the long time or touch the drop-down and answering as different operation. Quite concerned about the endurance capacity, the machine uses a large 4100mAh battery, the moderate use of life time up to 2.6 days, can also be used to ensure the heavy use of standby time of 2 days. Network standard, HUAWEI enjoy 6 support dual sim dual standby full Netcom, mobile, Unicom, telecom three network users can achieve dual card blind plug (does not support dual Telecom Card). Price, HUAWEI enjoy 6 full Netcom edition price 1299 yuan, in October 27th officially open 16:16 appointment, November 1st 10:08 first pin, users can HUAWEI mall, Tmall mall, Jingdong flagship stores, one store, Gome online,, Gome, Suning, Di Xintong, music language, HUAWEI stores booking and purchase.相关的主题文章: