Air Purification With Venturi Air

Business Oleg Systems Co. develops industrial dust collection systems including air scrubber wet collectors. Dust collection equipment utilizing the principle of wet dust collecting is available in numerous designs utilizing a number of principles and featuring wide variation in effectiveness, initial cost, operating and maintenance expense, space, arrangements and material of construction. Wet collectors (particularly the high energy – high efficiency types) are being used more frequently as the solution of air pollution problems. It should be realized that disposal of collected material in water without clarification or treatment may create wter pollution problems. Wet collectors have one distinct characteristic not found in other collectors – their inherent ability to humidity. Humidification, the process of adding water vapor to the air stream through evaporation, may be either advantageous or disadvantageous depending on the situation. Where the initial air stream is at an elevated temperature and not saturated, the process of evaporation reduces the temperature and the volume of the gas stream leaving the collector. Asuming the fan is to be selected for operation behind or on the clean air side of the collector it may be smaller and will definitely require less power than if there had been no cooling through the collector. This os one of the obvious advantges of humidification. Wet dust collectors have the ability to handle high temperature and moisture-laden gases. The collection of dust in wetted form eliminates a secondary dust problem in disposal of collected material. Also, some dust represent explosion or fire hazard when dry and wet collectors eliminate or at least reduce the hazzard. However, the use of water may introduce corrosive conditions within the collector and freeze protection may be necessary if wet dust collectors are located in cold climates. Space requirements are nominal; pressure losses and collection efficiency vary widely with the design. In one of the most popular Oleg Systems Co. Venturi Scrubber a contaminant air stream entering the scrubber inlet is immediately drawn into the venturi section, where molecular impingement occurs. A scrubbing liquid spraye directly into the venturi section impinges upon the gaseous contaminant. This scrubbing liquid usually contains a chemical dosing agent to neutralize and dissolve contaminant particles. The air stream is accelerated significantly within the venturi section with velocities ranging from 4,000 fpm to 10,000 fpm depending on the removal efficiency objectives. Venturi Air Scrubber can provide low maintenance particle elimination solutions to meet the toughest challenges. Standard venturi scrubber design incorporates knock-down baffles, located directly behind the venturi section, which significantly eliminates liquid entrainment from the air stream. This prevents overloadin in the scrubber’s mist elimination section by reducing clogging. Oleg Systems Co. can supply customized air scrubbing solution including fully programmed control panel for stand alone automatic operation or an air scrubber ready for integration with existing process designs. Customized devices for piping and chemical dosing systems, integral sums and pumps, vanes wash-down units and optionals stainless steel or solid fiberglass exhaust fans are available too. CB Venturi Air Scrubber ensures: * reduced installation cost * low maintenance cost * longer operating life * high quality industrial design in a compact integrated unit * 99 % removal efficiency * corrosion resistant construction For additional information please refer to Oleg Chetchel Developer of Process Air Moving Systems Oleg Systems Co. ..olegsystems../airbarriers/Index.html About the Author: 相关的主题文章: