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All two children will be caused by fine gap increases abroad if there kindergarten shortage? – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Beijing on November 15th news China according to the voice of "global Chinese radio network" reported that in January 1st this year, the full implementation of a couple can have two children policy "(it is often said that" all two child policy officially implemented). However, in the hope that "two children" policy to alleviate China’s low birth rate, low birth rate and aging problems at the same time, pay more attention to the influence on Chinese education circles caused by changes of "universal two child policy population. Recently, some studies have shown that from 2019, China’s pre-school education in the park will be a substantial increase in the number of children, continued to increase to reach the maximum in 2021, and then began to gradually reduce. That is to say, in 2021, "two children" policy impact on preschool education stage school-age children to expand the scale of the largest year preschool education of school-age children will be "full two child policy to increase about 15 million people. Some research predicts that in 2021 the kindergarten is expected to nearly 110 thousand gaps, nursery teachers and caregivers are expected to exceed the gap of more than 3 million. How to make up for such a big gap? Clearly need to be concerned about the community as soon as possible. So, in foreign countries, there is also a shortage of kindergarten? What are the choices of foreign nursery school, parents will park brains? In Germany, it is not difficult to public kindergarten, but the charge is under the Caidie, parents must pay high income, poor family life can be free. If you want to avoid the problem of queuing in advance and the pursuit of better hardware and software conditions, you can choose to attend a private kindergarten, as long as you are willing to dig out on the line. German observers Xue Chengjun said that the German kindergarten can be divided into public kindergartens, church kindergartens, business kindergartens and private kindergartens. Parents of school-age children can choose according to their actual situation. In addition to private, other kindergarten fees are mainly based on their parents’ income. Parents annual income of more than 45000 euros in the family, fee is 1752 euros per year, no income or low-income families is exempt from care costs, nursery fees not directly to the kindergarten, but referred to by educational institutions, to prevent children from poor family status discrimination. Each child has reached the age of 1 in the right, usually near the nursery, parents also have some better economic conditions of the children into the private kindergarten, can enter at any time, not as soon as possible to register queue position, hardware and software facilities are better, a word of your shortcomings". If is boarding, a year cost around 10 thousand euros, not every German parents have the ability to spend the money for the children. Australia’s kindergarten is also a hard to find, many parents even in children born to the registration queue. Even if it may not be able to wait for the position, can go every day, you may just be a few days a week of admission qualifications, such as allowing you to go to the kindergarten class Monday Wednesday, then the other time will stay at home. Why would the Australia with much land and few people.相关的主题文章: