American astronauts use Microsoft hololens at the International Space Station-happynewyear

American astronaut station using Microsoft HoloLens Sina Technology News Beijing time on February 22nd at noon news in the international space, Microsoft released over the weekend by NASA astronaut Scott · (NASA); Kelly (Scott Kelly) on the international space station using the HoloLens augmented reality equipment photos. This is part of Microsoft’s collaboration with NASA. The project is called "Sidekick", and the use of HoloLens includes two modes. One is the "remote expert model", which helps ground operators see the pictures that astronauts see, and provides real-time operating instructions through the HoloLens screen. The other is the "program mode", which can provide dynamic holographic pictures on the basis of the real world picture. Geoff, ·’s head of NASA, and Maurice (Jeff Morris) recently explained the Sidekick project in detail. Earlier this week, Microsoft’s Alex · Kipman (Alex Kipman) in Vancouver TED Conference on "holographic remote transmission" as an example to demonstrate the HoloLens. Microsoft will launch a $3000 HoloLens suit for developers this quarter, but Microsoft has not yet announced the price and launch time of the consumer version. (Li Li)

美国宇航员在国际空间站使用微软HoloLens   新浪科技讯 北京时间2月22日午间消息,微软周末公布了美国宇航局(NASA)宇航员斯科特·凯利(Scott Kelly)在国际空间站使用HoloLens现实增强设备的照片。这是微软与NASA合作的一部分。   这一项目代号为“Sidekick”,对HoloLens的使用包括两种模式。其一是“远程专家模式”,能帮助地面操作人员看到宇航员所见的画面,并通过HoloLens屏幕提供实时操作指南。而另一种是“程序模式”,能在现实世界画面的基础上提供动态全息画面。   NASA的相关负责人杰夫·莫里斯(Jeff Morris)近期详细解释了Sidekick项目。   本周早些时候,微软的埃里克斯·基普曼(Alex Kipman)在温哥华的TED大会上以“全息远程传送”为例演示了HoloLens。微软将于本季度面向开发者开售价格3000美元的HoloLens套装,但微软尚未公布消费者版本的价格和开售时间。(李丽)相关的主题文章: