An article to teach you how to cash to charge Alipay ricky lee neely

An article to teach you how to cash to charge Alipay Alipay Alipay to charge! When I heard the news, many buddy heart is broken, after all, just know Alipay can make money with us, there are a lot of people put their assets entirely on Alipay and the balance of treasure. This will not be able to turn the money happily transferred out. In February this year, WeChat announced the withdrawal fees, Alipay also playfully declared "we do not charge". Unfortunately, just over half a year, under the pressure of reality, "to provide more and more convenient and safe service at the same time, the comprehensive operating costs borne by Alipay rose faster, now the money even ma I’ll heartache, take the risk of offending users that let you pay for myself. That in the end what case Alipay to charge, how much is the amount of charge? As teenagers we eat soil, cash costs how to avoid Alipay? Don’t be afraid, after reading this article you will understand. Alipay cash charge Alipay scene the withdrawal fees in what circumstances? Can you see a lot of description and interpretation of the Alipay’s policy has been puzzling. 20 thousand yuan based on the free cash withdrawal is what mean? More than 20 thousand yuan to charge? Transfer to others in the end do not charge? Why not go to the bank card fee to Alipay is to charge? In fact, all of the charging scenarios can be used to explain the sentence: all the money transfer from Alipay balance to the bank card behavior of all charges! Whether the bank card is their own or others! The opposite is, transfer all the money from Alipay, a Alipay product to another product behavior completely free of charge! No matter who the account or the product is! In other words: the money transferred to the balance of treasure, no fees, the balance of treasure turn out, no charge. From their Alipay to other Alipay, not to the bank card fees, fees. This time the next Pharaoh raised a question, Alipay will be able to transfer the bank card ah, if I in Alipay from my bank card to someone else’s bank card transfer, charge? A cold voice answered him. Even if the charges are paid, everyone also has 20 thousand yuan free withdrawals amount. But the amount is not clear, by year, that is to say, each Alipay account, only 20 thousand yuan this lifetime the amount of free Oh, did not run out. The amount of free to use up again? Each pay in accordance with the proportion of 0.1%. Each cash withdrawal fee at least 1 hair, that is, to mention the cost of $10. If there is less than 10? Or hand in 1 hair. In addition to the money from their Alipay balance channels transfer to the bank card to charge, all other expenditures using Alipay, including consumer, finance, insurance, mobile phone recharge, utility payment, registration, payment of traffic fines, the use of mobile phone Alipay Alipay to transfer accounts, payments and other services are free of charge. How can we try to give the Alipay pay? In fact, even if each mention 10 thousand, charges are only $10, but it is less able to pay less pay is a virtue of thrift. There are several non payment of service fees may be: 1, Taobao Tmall.相关的主题文章: