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"And cherish" on   Wang Yanzhi chasing love "brother" — entertainment channel — original title: "and cherish" chasing love "on Wang Yanzhi brother" Wang Yanzhi Tang Xuelan "and cherish" stills Wang Yanzhi stills from di Gao Lu, starring Wang Yanzhi, heaven the theme of urban drama "and cherish" September 10th in Jiangxi satellite TV broadcasting gold theater. Huace star actor Wang Yanzhi plays Tang Xuelan, staged a devotion to "brother and sister and Zhai Tianlin". Wang Yanzhi plays Tang Xuelan, Tang Jia adopted daughter, Tang Yufeng (Zhai Tianlin) daughter mother sister. With 20 years Yufeng soup soup Xuelan stay together morning and night, making soup Yufeng deep feeling root, "grab" Cheng Ziyue is the Savior Tang Yufeng, was the tragic fate of husband betrayal and much pity brother, she has a brother 20 years but no response, emotional abuse can be said to be very heart. Wang Yanzhi since the beginning of 2016 hilarious comedy "moron brothers" in the fourth quarter hit, to the "Nu River battle" and then file, then to "launch and treasure", can be said to open the annual screen mode. It is reported that in Beijing film starring Tan Songyun, Jiang Chao, hot Wang Yanzhi urban youth idol drama "the summer", than the current in the film king Yanzhi, completed in 2014 "and cherish" piled up full of collagen, full of youth. (commissioning editor Li Yan and Chen Yuan)相关的主题文章: