Ang Lee Pro tech high-tech film viewing experience immersive e3300

Ang Lee Pro movie viewing experience: high-tech solutions Ang Lee Ang Lee personally on the scene Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, the director Ang Lee today (30 days) to return to Taiwan for the film "Billy? Lynn’s midfield war" propaganda, from the traditional film 1 24 grid upgrade to 3D 4K, a three-dimensional high resolution, 120 frames per second for high technology rules the press conference, has become the focus of public attention, in this regard, Ang Lee also used very simple words to describe the difference between the two viewing, "already can not stay out, slowly it feels like someone else, but myself, think this feel like went to." Although the film "the future version of 3D to describe its breakthrough specifications, but Ang Lee believes that this is not the future, he has put this concept in the movie," I am more than and 60, so I don’t want to wait for the future, I just want to see." Why he shot this movie is very simple, just want to see my face, really regret because with the eyes to see, or see a good actor performances, but he can not be caught in his own movie, so Ang Lee has always had a desire to see the image at the same time, with the eyes in the future, is also a play in the theater. Here, perhaps there are still a lot of fans of the "3D stereo, 4K high resolution, 120 frames per second" concept, Ang Lee tries to use a simple way to explain, "Gog number is at the slow motion can see clearly, not like traditional 24K image flashing, like fuzzy" took the veil down, we can see more clearly, "I feel very realistic, feel very investment, feel personally on the scene." (commissioning editor: YY)相关的主题文章: