Anhui’s first Internet plus service mode can be applied for all kinds of subsidies, pay Social Secur-winlinez

Anhui’s first "Internet plus service" mode, online pay social security subsidies for mobile phone on the point that you can pay the endowment insurance of urban and rural residents and residents medical insurance; by virtue of their credit within a few minutes to apply to a maximum of 2 million yuan of credit loans. Yesterday, the reporter was informed that the Provincial Department of human resources and social service gold and ant signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement, in the country’s first "Internet plus service" mode. No guarantee, mortgage entrepreneurs can get up to 2 million of the loan is the lack of guarantees, mortgages, credit evaluation difficult, small and micro enterprises, entrepreneurs loans has been a problem. At the meeting, the reporter was informed that the Provincial Department of human resources and social cooperation and ant payment services, through social data and business information, and make the credit evaluation accurate information for the parties, credit good entrepreneurs to provide more and more convenient and cheaper credit. Entrepreneurs, Small and micro businesses through social insurance, employment, employment and other information to improve the credit business, opportunity to get more loans, do not need to provide any mortgage, guarantee, can apply for a maximum of 2 million yuan of credit loans on the internet. As long as the submission of complete information, credit is no problem, just a few minutes to apply for a loan, do not need to run like a traditional loan, waiting." At the meeting, the person in charge, and the minimum loan interest rate will be reduced from 4/10000 to 3/10000, compared with the previous decline of 25%. The bank’s payment service network to Anhui province Small and micro businesses and entrepreneurs to achieve the overall credit 10 billion yuan, Anhui province entrepreneurs loan amount and the success rate is 20% higher than that of other provinces in the crowd. Online, pay social security subsidies for flexible employment and pay endowment insurance, medical insurance for urban and rural residents to pay old-age insurance, residents will soon not go to the Bank Queuing payment, directly to the point that you can achieve in the mobile phone. At present, Wuhu City, Huangshan City as a pilot had searched through Alipay direct payment, is expected in October will be able to achieve, then, will be extended in the province. Entrepreneurial failure, there is no stable income security life, how to do? Can apply for social security subsidies for new venture entrepreneurs in the Anhui Provincial Department of human resources and social services online employment hall". The employment difficulties identified (the long-term unemployed, enjoy low older persons with employment difficulties, zero employment of family members, the difficult employment of landless labourers (loss of forest) college graduates and family economic difficulties) can also apply for flexible employment social security subsidies". These functions and the "sunshine employment" online service hall, Anhui public recruitment network together in Alipay city services section, nearly 20 million Alipay users will be available through the Alipay "city service" for registration of the unemployed, apply flexible employment social security subsidies, entrepreneurship subsidies, labor contract information query, can also apply for a job, job recommendation etc.. Do not pay social security, wage arrears "Laolai" will be unpopular next, who owed wages, do not give employees pay social security in the boss to be careful. The future is not because the workers took to the streets to pay talks, but go out will be unpopular, want to spend money to rent a car, a house, will be out of the million相关的主题文章: