Any Xuhong market called the gold bull dead

Ren Xuhong: the so-called gold bull market is the fallacy of clients view the latest market gold market price of gold last week’s payrolls, up to $1265, I expected the 1265-1270 interval, as Xuhong given non-agricultural more than 12 million 521 thousand and 255 single all in 1264 profit, the non-agricultural had already been published Bowen clearly accurate released payrolls to do a single point: Gold suggestions below: near 1250 into more than a single stop 1245 line, the target range of 1265-1270, above the gold near the 1265 short, stop 1270, target 1250-40, please refer to the details, as Xuhong: non storm, gold wind clouds poured this blog, I can search any browser name Ren Xuhong found this blog. The non-agricultural market generally fell after the first rise, payrolls data is a whipsaw for gold, it can be said to be a depth test support. At least in the non farm payrolls in the bullish case next Monday the Ren Xuhong temporarily not directly to short gold. The market generally believes that gold is dead, long has been bad, the interest rate has become a trend which cannot be halted foundation of market panic heart. On Friday, the payrolls data under the stimulus, gold, non US overall rebound, then quickly dropping, gold is dropping Powei 1250, fell to 1244 line. At this point, the market has shown that the market is empty. But the truth is??? Think not so. From Friday’s rally, the author thought that the golden stage of the low market has emerged, the so-called gold bull dead fallacy. 1: from Friday’s performance, the overall bearish market is not false, but after Friday a day of operation, we can see the gold Powei is not strong on Thursday. Especially after the payrolls data bullish market rapid breaking 1250, then quickly pulled up over 1250, and the closing price is above 1250, which is obviously short profit trend under short bombarded gold short profits, the final stage of the profits. At the same time, a strong back on the convenience of 1250 is the best proof. If the bear really went down, then after the first batch of chips will not let broken 1250, gold back above 1250, to judge the stage of dropping gold overnight at essentially short profit. 2: down $80, the indicators, as well as the urgent need to modify the shape and structure. After the fundamentals of brewing tragedy, the market turned short. But a disk, you will find that the gold is still in a bull overall upward trend. Back in September, the author has been stressed that the adjustment of the golden week does not rule out a strong line to kill the next 1235 lines, which is important to support the rise of the weekly chart BOLL, while the top of the chart from the correction has been delayed. This week, it is time to complete the adjustment of the top of the chart. We said that the current round of gold rose 13851250 from the front line is the proportion of 23.6% of the position, the 1250 is also the average support position of the 100 times, while the week of the map, the average length of the long row of the obvious 1046. From the long-term trend, the tone of the week.相关的主题文章: