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APEC Cai Yingwen and James Soong meeting Cai Yingwen and James Soong misjudged the situation the original title: APEC meeting Cai Yingwen and James Soong have misjudged the situation according to the rating agency reported in Hongkong, the Cai Yingwen administration announced by PFP chairman James Soong as leader of the APEC summit in Nantou County, the special envoy of the Kuomintang party chairman Hong Rongzhang said on the 6, Cai Yingwen found James Soong’s purpose is to use the song contact with the mainland at the APEC international occasions, symbol resolve cross-strait deadlock, but Cai does not recognize the 92 consensus whether who will contribute to cross-strait progress, so this is Cai authorities "miscarriage of justice", however "James Soong has a miscarriage of justice, song thought he had influence on the mainland, but over the past few years he and green cooperation between the mainland would look in the eyes, the evaluation also has been greatly improved in the song dynasty. According to reports, Hong Rongzhang said, Cai Yingwen is looking for James Soong, is a fancy song in mainland China in the past about the accumulation of contacts that he in the mainland have influence, so the song served as the Taiwan representative in the international arena, contact with the representatives, open cross-strait deadlock Chakou, a victory for the government’s foreign policy is cai.   Hong Rongzhang, Cai authorities is probably a miscarriage of justice, because, for promoting cross-strait relations, position speak very clearly, Cai authorities do not recognize the 92 consensus, even find lien as the APEC envoy, but also conducive to cross-strait deadlock thaw, as chairman of the SEF appointment, regardless of who the past with the mainland is interactive, do not recognize the 92 there is no consensus on the key password. Hong Rongzhang stressed that James Soong is now a miscarriage of justice, he still thinks he is very influential in both sides, so he won the Cai Yingwen for APEC served as special envoy, did not take long to embrace, song psychology also hope that the mainland based on past friendship, don’t give him too ugly, can also explain the song agreed to serve as special envoy APEC, is he was still testing the CPC leaders how much influence. Hong Rongzhang said that James Soong is "extremely empleomania", has been built out of his mind, like the previous Taipei mayoral election, that won’t win or just want to have a run on that stage, the stage will try to look at, perhaps in the future after a stroke as well as the development opportunity, Hong Rongzhang said that cooperation in recent years James Soong and the DPP in the past, let each other like as allies, now no one questioned the "orange green" this view, Taiwanese people see in the eyes, of course, officials also see in the eyes, so have to song evaluation greatly. Hong Rongzhang, Cai authorities sent James Soong as APEC’s envoy, to the best of Taiwan, is to let you go, but the two sides did not contact the public indifference, this is already the best condition, it is also possible through the way to participate in the song, so if you want to field Cai authorities on both sides to break the ice with APEC as. This is a miscarriage of justice, more is naive. For cross-strait deadlock, how will the future development? Hong Rongzhang stressed that now many grassroots people ridicule, SEF chairman as a local party chairman of the Kuomintang, because each chair with the opposite side officials have maintained exchanges, both sides are also linked to the people’s livelihood issues, not "read back", not even the fax machine.相关的主题文章: