Autumn tea is really no good tea Not necessarily. – Sohu eat and

Autumn tea is really no good tea? Don’t eat it – Sohu map: South Beauty of ancient tea tea "Hekai" "tea" in the autumn tea, why not? Although Lu Yu is a sage, but he did not expect a lot of things. "The tea · three built", clearly pointed out that between February March in the "tea picking in April". The Tang Dynasty is the lunar calendar today, then in other words only spring tea. Although there were pre – and before, but the overall will only spring. Today, tea, roughly speaking, there are two seasons. Both styles are different, also have their own fans. Like in Wuyi, there are spring and autumn tea fragrance along the argument. But now the spring and autumn tea meet as equals the time is not too early. Ming Xu Cishu "tea Shu" said: "there is no past in autumn picking tea, there is near. Autumn seven, August pick a call in early spring, the product is good, not too slightly thin. He shot the mountain, pick Mei tea, plum tea astringent bitter, can stop for the next food, and hurt the autumn pick good production, quit." Xu Cishu is the Ming Dynasty, see autumn tea is "nearly is" new things. Presumably, sage Lu Yu more is no blessing. "Said the" autumn tea Shu "in seven and August, is now the eight or nine month calendar. And now this time is not much difference between the autumn tea. This time? The autumn tea, Xu Cishu also gave "evaluation of the product is very good. Look, since the late Ming Dynasty, autumn tea is not to lose the spring posture. It is not a Cishu exaggeration for autumn tea, hype. Drink tea in autumn people today, most will praise. Since the autumn tea is good stuff, sage Lu Yu why only respected tea? Do not drink tea autumn tea is tea sage Lu Yu, did not want to drink tea in autumn? Just at that time the tea cultivation is limited, autumn tea quality is too poor. The tea garden in the Tang Dynasty is the extensive management, can not give full play to the production potential of tea. Therefore, it was only a spring season picking tea. Now, there will always be a worse than before. Even in that year, the tea is better than the current technology. But in fact, modern science and technology is still far more than the Tang and song dynasties. Compared to the dependent on the weather patterns, tea garden management today is to strictly many. Now we attach importance to the production of tea, and even the emergence of a lot of tea masters. Artisan spirit, has been raised to a new height of history. But in fact, the management of tea garden, tea plant and even weed control is also essential. There is no lack of respect for teachers. No behind their work silently, it is difficult to produce high quality green tea. Is the so-called one can’t make bricks without straw, the tea quality can not be guaranteed, how about making follow-up? Take care of tea, but also contains the artisan spirit stick. Tea, hold too many people’s hands and ingenuity. Tea is not just a drink. Tea than tea "tea" is not easy to write autumn tea, but for how to write a complete tea. "The tea · three" made in the article about tea accounted for 1/3 of the amount of space. The sage of Lu Yu for "相关的主题文章: