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Baidu World Conference on artificial intelligence into focus 10 shares look outbreak of         Sina tips: This is a stock review section, only personal views and analysis of the securities consultation on related stocks or sectors, not official news, Sina does not guarantee its authenticity and objectivity, investors operate at your own risk. All the accurate information about the stock, please use the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange announcement. Sina App: Live on-line blogger to help guide the stock masters 20 years experience veteran Jiepan held in September 1st Baidu [micro-blog] World Conference, Robin Li said, Baidu brain speech recognition accuracy rate reached 97%, real-time identification of user problems propose the appropriate answer to and has more than one recognition ability for speech. In addition, Baidu also introduced face recognition technology, Machine Translation, unmanned technology. China Merchants Securities believes that the history of the development of artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence found that the previous prosperity is the result of algorithms, computing, data and funds to drive together. The current four factors again resonance, artificial intelligence will usher in the outbreak, hundreds of billions of market space open. Investment opportunities can be focused on three threads: computing chip, base layer, data storage layer; technology algorithm platform, image recognition, natural language recognition and processing and intelligent robot; application layer unmanned, industrial 4, intelligent security and medical wisdom. Artificial intelligence will change the world. The combination of artificial intelligence and traditional industries has created an unprecedented fission, the social economy and life constitute a great subversion, without doubt artificial intelligence will lead the fourth industrial revolution. The three industrial revolution in human history has brought a huge leap in social and economic, artificial intelligence led the fourth industrial revolution will change the world. History of artificial intelligence is the result of prosperity will algorithm, computing, data and money four resonance. In the history of the AI industry experienced a total of two fall, the algorithm, the calculation and data development caused by the synchronization of artificial intelligence spiral development, and external funds also contributed to the trend of the two. The general idea of the algorithm will develop faster, and then the data and computation progress enough to match the algorithm when artificial intelligence will be applied. At this time with the favor of funds, artificial intelligence will usher in prosperity. Conditions, artificial intelligence will usher in explosive growth. Deep learning has become the most mature artificial intelligence algorithm; GPU TPU chip chip high performance humanoid brain has been able to provide enough force support for deep learning; completeness of IOT era of big data and multi dimension for deep learning quality learning material; domestic and foreign giants and venture capital to enter the AI industry at the same time, the governments of various countries provide a good policy environment for artificial intelligence. Four factors have once again become a resonance, artificial intelligence will usher in explosive growth, billions of market space is about to open. China Merchants Securities [micro-blog] believes that investment opportunities focus on three main lines. Investment opportunities can be carried out in accordance with the AI industry chain. Infrastructure: chips, big data and storage infrastructure will usher in accelerated development; technology layer: algorithm platform, image recognition, natural language theory相关的主题文章: