Bashar believes that the U.S. – Russia cooperation in combating terrorism, it is difficult to achiev pretty rhythm

Bashar believes that the U.S. – Russia cooperation in combating terrorism, it is difficult to achieve – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Damascus, September 22 (reporter Che Hongliang Yang Zhen) according to Syria media reported on 22, Syrian President Bashar? Assad day ago in Damascus said in an interview, he believes that the United States and Russia cooperation in combating terrorism to syria. The Syrian news agency quoted Bashar as saying that cooperation between the United States and Russia against the terrorist organization is feasible, but the reality is not achieved, the reason is that the United States in Syria’s real intention is to combat extremist organization Islamic state and formerly known as the "support front" to conquer the front, it is under the guise of another figure. The United States and Russia recently reached a ceasefire agreement in February this year, Bashar said, as the ceasefire agreement, the United States does not really want a ceasefire in syria. He did not think that the United States and other western countries on the issue of Syria policy will change in the short term. Recently, the international humanitarian aid convoy in the northern province of Aleppo attacked, Bashar said the two sides did not implement the Syrian and Russian attacks. According to the Russian 10 day cease-fire agreement, if the ceasefire can be maintained for 7 days, the two sides will strengthen military cooperation in Syria, including the formulation of the strategy to fight against terrorist forces in syria. However, after the United States led the fight against the Islamic state of the international coalition air strikes Syrian army camps and international humanitarian convoy attack occurred after the incident, the outside world is concerned about the security situation in Syria again out of control.相关的主题文章: