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BAT ignore the free service market value of at least one Taobao, 7 Jingdong – Sohu trillion free services market for venture capital investors, BAT is not a ridge around the past. On the one hand, from the desktop Internet to the mobile Internet in the transition period, BAT volume level enterprises basically completed the transformation, in addition to Baidu business transformation is not smooth, Ali through a series of marketing tools, successful user migration from the PC to the mobile terminal, the Tencent will borrow the successful WeChat, continue to maintain social media hegemony both have a smooth entry into the mobile Internet era. To seize the industry resulting from the iteration of entrepreneurial opportunity is no longer possible, this is a giant game of Apple by function machines to intelligent machine replacement as NOKIA will triumph over the throne, staged a grassroots counter attack of the legend, but at the moment it is difficult to be copied. On the other hand, the Internet giants and the investment tentacles of any potential field, weave a dazzling Empire, with only BAT T (Tencent) as an example, continue to extend the "Penguin Empire" the boundary of the Tencent in 2015, on the one hand, SNS around social games, pan entertainment, O2O to strengthen the advantage of business, while continuing to increase investment in the financial, business, health and other areas, and in the international and overseas strategy, the Tencent’s pace more than Ali, especially in the game to go, etc.. It can be said, BAT use of capital to the sea depth layout, entrepreneurs who have a headache, so before the start, we must look at whether the project is doing BAT argument. However, if the dead with this idea to start a business, you will find that the market does not have the chance to play with BAT, or egg stone of the game, or find a job, honestly do grassroots. In fact, no one in this world can really Yishouzhetian, Buddha’s palm. Although there are gaps, BAT are busy to carve up the world, ignore a call free service market. The main free service market by students, white-collar petty, small business owners and other sectors, these people have group characteristics in common: every one of them may have two or three kind of expertise, such as photography, students may play, white-collar petty may have design skills, so that they have the ability to provide services, but this such ability to through Taobao or QQ, WeChat cash flow into another, small business owners may need to photography, design, micro marketing services, but this kind of demand can be achieved by Taobao or QQ, WeChat met in the market is fragmented distribution, with Taobao or derivative in the form of trading, marginal cost too high, so the Internet giants naturally or half unconsciously ignored. The fine as sand, is not equal to its value is small such as sand, sand gold Amoy is a stupendous fortune. In fact, the free service market amazing, survey showed that every 10 people have seven or eight people with expertise, users at around 1 billion, and each has two to three strengths, each specialty according to the most conservative estimate of annual 1000 yuan cash flow, then the free service market annual transactions at least 3 trillion yuan. Trillion yuan.相关的主题文章: