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"Battle of Yichang" ending acting Lei Tong activated the charm of the role of uniformed military Sohu – Sohu Lei Tong entertainment entertainment news by Qi Star Lei Tong, Xu Jia, directed by Jordan Chan and other anti Japanese drama epic "the strength of many actor to join the battle of Yichang" tonight will be the perfect ending. The show since the date of the launch, the ratings soared, in the closing stages while viewing the top. Become a hit drama at the same time, the ups and downs of the story successful capture of many people in the industry and the audience, double harvest reputation ratings! As the play the most attractive characters, "sword" goddess Lei Tong’s Espionage spy Jiang Meiyun, with its unique aura of "cold tip" by acting to win the hearts of the people. "Battle of Yichang" in the perspective of real story as the starting point, compared with the original spy war works, not only the drama in the story is set on the background of open, thrilling twists and turns, careful reasoning, and shaping the distinctive features of the characters, but also boldly female agents to show the works of a more delicate, and as Lei Tong Jiang Meiyun fully achieved the desired effect of the director. The river in order to monitor the Japanese intelligence Meiyun conveyed to Hu Yisheng, from launch to present a carefully woven chain of decoy net, more than two people scene is perfect, play bone strength between the touch let the plot development more delicate heart. Among them, there is a scene in particular people profoundly: Hu Yisheng led into Simei transport team and Jiang Meiyun, former Ning Jingni, Qian Fugui, et al.’s walking on the road, suddenly encountered the Japanese aircraft bombing. Lei Tong played Jiang Meiyun to cover the four sister, was seriously wounded in the bombing. Users praise: "in the war environment, Lei Tong is able to hold the pistol fight together with his comrades. Incisively and vividly demonstrated the tenacity of the Japanese women’s perseverance, worthy of admiration!" In the play Lei Tong continue to challenge the blasting and shooting, the ultimate expression expression in place, the surviving state of the most incisive interpretation. After watching all the users, performance for Lei Tong and wow. With the "battle of Yichang" hit Lei Tong’s ending, another topic of "we love" will be broadcast in the near future, "Mom" drama played Ding snow. Two works, different roles can make us see the role of Lei Tong to control more delicate, superb acting not only activated the charm of the role, but also let us look forward to the follow-up works of Lei Tong!   相关的主题文章: