Battleship world, the new version of the official launch of the online center model today synnex

"World of Warcraft" version of the line today officially launched today center mode "battleship world" officially ushered in the new version of 0.5.11, the much anticipated center was officially launched, armor view function will also be added to the game, as well as a new map will be added to the game. With the update of the new content, the game is bound to be more rich gameplay. On the occasion of the Mid Autumn Festival, the new version of the game will allow the players to spend a colorful moon cake festival. [a] "world of Warcraft world of Warcraft World War" to reproduce the large sea real, the history of the most famous warships in handling the ocean, this is really a different new experience. "Battleship world" is produced by the Belarus war game research and development company Wargaming, the exclusive operation of the air network in mainland China, the world famous war trilogy third. Game history set in the first half of twentieth Century, players will control different types of warships and enemies in the vast sea battle. The future will be linked with tanks, fighters. "Battleship world" official micro signal: wows-kzw "battleship world" official website:相关的主题文章: