Behind the madness of something abnormal mentality t420s

Behind the madness of something abnormal mind the cheap master on the evening of 26, the circle of friends in the emergence of a large number of pictures and video, there are many Tengchong everyone gathered in a road construction excavation site, what with hoes, shovels and other tools are looking for. The netizen said: "a renovation of the old city, the huge crowds of people! Want to make a fortune out of it!" An insider said: "tonight, Yunnan sleepless in Tengchong, because of the transformation of the old city, we are digging in the street of Tengchong, since ancient times is the jade processing, the old street below, buried a lot of jade debris." And a Tengchong city during the excavation of the Ming and Qing Dynasties Bracelet core, the scene of 390 thousand yuan turnover, the news is brush burst WeChat circle of friends, triggering the major sites reproduced. (September 28th "spring city evening paper") when in the unearthed jade or artifacts such as baby, people will not dig collective Yiwofeng treasures, what valuable treasures do not give up, we all know that come out of the ground the baby is very valuable, can sell a good price. Everyone is proud of the hands of the baby, which is a continuation of the millennium old customs, a half will not change. "Dig three feet, that overnight", this is to be a treasure of civilians by greedy mentality to get rich quickly, they just a false news, he engaged in "something" regardless of personal danger cause. In fact, according to local police investigation, Tengchong city during the excavation of the Ming and Qing Dynasties Bracelet core, the scene 390 thousand yuan turnover is just a false scam. Money can go to one’s head, wringing calm mood, also be playing around. But people don’t know is, dig three feet of land resources loss much. Not long ago, Yangzhou Beijing and Changping an abandoned years jade carving factory, is a "tunnel warfare" digging people regardless of Taobao, jade, agate, turquoise, and Hetian jade, jade or stone waste half cut pieces, all packed, the ground is bumpy. Something has said: "there is a man dug a large turquoise, selling 20 thousand pieces of luck, fortune". Even if he dug a piece of broken jade did not sell, but fortune dream is still the driving force behind his behavior. Even if the last is futile, he would no regrets. In Zhejiang a village or something army why crazy, day and night work, the local tea, corn, peanuts and other crops destroyed a. The mentality of the people is very simple: I dig treasure, I am happy. This simple but very easy to be deceived by false practical joke "I, I was greedy". Greed is the influence of money. The ancient Qi is a very greedy person, there are times when he passed the market, see the roadside stalls stood on the sale of gold, he walked into his own pocket, being caught, he shouted: "excuse my not people, only see gold". This is a man who has no self binding. In the collection of hot wave bombardment, we have collected treasures, his thoughts, this brutal "sudden windfall" hard work is more successful than the sense of achievement, lack of self binding has become the biggest. Greed nothing more than.相关的主题文章: