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Beijing Forest Public Security Bureau, political commissar of the original project million bribery jailed for 5 years the original title: Beijing Forest Public Security Bureau, former political commissar commissar jailed for 5 years, the 52 year old Xu Haifeng from Beijing Municipal Gardens Bureau of Forest Public Security Bureau, has been accused of using power and status, chief deputy director Lian hook of Beijing City Bureau of parks and Miyun and Huairou garden Bureau as a landscaping business solicitation, landscaping works, and thus taking more than 116 yuan. Reporters learned yesterday, Xu Haifeng was guilty of taking bribes to be sentenced to 5 years in Haidian court of first instance. JINGWAH Times reporter Zhang Shuling > > accused of bribery charges encroach on the landscape engineering million Haidian District procuratorate said, in January 2009 to November 2014 5 years, Xu Haifeng used the Beijing Municipal Gardens Bureau of Forest Public Security Bureau (hereinafter referred to as the Beijing Forest Public Security Bureau) political committee to facilitate the work, the Beijing blue sky Green Landscaping Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as green the company legal representative) Jiang (handled separately) introduced to the Beijing garden bureau former deputy Shimou (handled separately), former director of the Miyun Bureau of parks Wang, former director of the Huairou District Landscaping Bureau Lee et al, contracted Haidian District Douge Zhuang Xiang Jin Tian country park is a project of green company (hereinafter referred to as Kaneda the country park project), Miyun Jingcheng Expressway three key construction projects (hereinafter referred to as the green channel Jingchenggaosu highway afforestation project), Huairou Xincheng Forest Park city leisure park is a part of the landscape engineering project (hereinafter referred to as Huairou Xincheng Park project) to provide help, Jiang has received the money to 1 million 40 thousand yuan, a total of $20 thousand yuan, RMB 116 yuan. Haidian District procuratorate that Xu Haifeng as national staff, the use of convenient conditions, the status of the formation of my powers, through other national staff as trustees to seek illegitimate interests, accepting trustees money, his behavior constituted bribery, so please Haidian court convicted and punished for Xu Haifeng. January 8, 2015, Xu Haifeng was taken away by the Beijing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection investigation, and was taken double measures. In February 13th of that year, he was sent to Haidian District detention center custody. The case after the incident, Xu Haifeng truthfully confessed the crime, and to assist the families back payment of 1 million 160 thousand yuan. As early as before the incident, Xu Haifeng had been in violation of the provisions of the central eight Beijing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection informed. The hair in the November 6, 2013 bulletin, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Gardens Bureau in June 2013 Huang Defeng led a delegation to visit the forest fire in Jilin Province, the forum open for a long time, the rest of the time to a number of scenic spots in Jilin province and Heilongjiang province. During the investigation, Huang Defeng, who returned 32145.98 yuan of public funds travel expenses. Xu Haifeng, together with the Beijing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, Huang Defeng was given a serious warning. > > part of defense case models should be "emotional" Xu Haifeng confession, Beijing Forest Public Security Bureau has 3 main functions: one is responsible for the investigation of cases involving forest and wild animal cases, two is forest fire prevention, forest public security management team is three. He was transferred to Beijing Ming Dynasty Tombs forest farm in 1994 2相关的主题文章: