Beijing – VIDEO – Zhengzhou bus with students to the teacher award certificate

Beijing – VIDEO – Zhengzhou bus with certificate students can give the Teacher Award [background] certificates! Not the teacher to the students, but the students sent to the teacher. Because miss a student, a teacher in the Zhengzhou bus long Festival on the eve of the car covered with awards, hope shy student with the aid of the wall of honor awarded the heart "the most beautiful teacher", usually on the expression of teacher say love. This is deeply loved by many passengers. In September 9th, the reporter saw in Zhengzhou City, B17 Road on the bus, more than 20 of them on both sides of the window with the car very conspicuous, many passengers took out a pen, the teacher wrote the name on the certificate. Passengers Gu Wenqian, the certificate awarded to the University of dance teacher, she told reporters, in the road of life turning point, the teacher’s strict teaching, gave her motivation. The same period [] (passenger Gu Wenqian) sometimes errors may not be so obvious, not so serious, but the teacher gave you a little more punishment, may encourage you to go ahead, I wish the teacher health, work smoothly, more and more handsome! [comment] new passenger Niu Jia also told reporters, even if their school is not love learning, but the teacher still did not give up their own, so the best teacher certificate awarded to Mr. yang. The same period [] (passenger Niu Jiaxin) I feel love is not particularly the kind of learning, the teacher is very conscientious teach me, never say that students do not love learning, or lack of effort and then give up, never, or hope to miss yang, in the days after, can become better and better, more and more more beautiful, more healthy body. [comment] never graduated from junior high school is out of work, this is the B17 bus more than and 40 year old Zhang Xiaoping told reporters, she was driving when the teacher of meticulous care, make her unforgettable, so, on the eve of teachers’ day, for 50 of them, to express their passengers the teacher’s love. The same period [] (Zhengzhou B17 bus Zhang Xiaoping) because we each have a teacher, everyone has one of the best, the best teacher, because the bus flow of people, regardless of the age of the point, and the children would ask him into the car, the children do not know too much he would ask the old man this, (certificate) what is used, because September 10th is teacher’s day, we try to make cars more passengers can usually want to give the teacher said, through our awards to speak, write up on teacher’s Day is a kind of expression, we are also a mind! [comment] Zhang Xiaoping also said that if a left address, she will be sent out, no address, hope that through media reports, when the teachers’ day for teachers to send a surprise. Reporter Li Chaoqing Henan, Zhengzhou reports相关的主题文章: