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Wine-Spirits #1 Clarke Quay You should choose Clarke Quay if you want to enjoy the night view of Singapore and have some tremendous amounts of fun at the most vibrant bars and pubs in the country. The place is home to some of the most ecstatic watering holes in the island nation and you get to party hard during your weekends dancing to the tunes of your favourite numbers. You will also be able to enjoy some of the most sizzling drinks when you visit the bars and pubs in this area. The place is also famous for some of the most famous lifestyle stores selling the most popular goods at stunning rates. #2 Orchard Road Orchard Road is another place that will help you taste the fun side of nightlife in Singapore. There are plenty of amazing malls in this area where you will find all the top brands in the world. You will be able to enjoy your time shopping for clothes and lifestyle products. After your shopping spree, you can enjoy a fabulous dinner at some of the fine dining restaurants in the area. You will also be able to enjoy your time at the posh pubs and lounge bars ordering some of the tastiest cocktail drinks in the world. #3 Sentosa Island If you want to stay in one place and have all the fun options available in Singapore under one roof, Sentosa Island would be the best option. You will not have to move out of the place to satisfy any of your needs because the place is fully equipped with all the entertainment options one can think of during a leisure trip. Some of the best Singapore bars and restaurants are found in this area and the private beaches will help you enjoy some fabulous moments with your dear ones. #4 Holland Village Some of the most popular sports bars in Singapore are located in this place. You will be able to watch your favourite game of sports with your drinks gulping some tasty drinks when you visit the spots bars. The place is also popular due to the overall aesthetics of the buildings and the layout of the place. You will get to enjoy a true European experience in this Asian country when you visit the Holland Village. The fun options in the city will not fade with the sunlight and you get to enjoy some fun moments even during the darkest hours of the night while youre here. The wayside eateries serving scrumptious European cuisine and the bars serving exotic drinks will help you enjoy nightlife in the country to the fullest. #5 Geylang Geylang is one of the most prominent red light areas in the island country but there is quite a lot of fun options available in the city even if you are traveling with your family. The place houses some of the best bars in the country where you can order some amazing drinks at real low rates. The restaurants in the area provide you with a stunning ambience along with delectable dishes. You will definitely have a fabulous time when you visit the place during the night hours because this part of the country wakes up when the sun goes down! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: